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Here’s why a Brand Needs to form a relationship with its consumer.

Gone are the days when a brand would be in the consumer’s face so as to persuade them to buy its products. From the phrase repeating, verbal SEO kind ads we have essentially moved to something that is relatable and touching. Advertisements now have a message. There now needs to be an evident connect between the brand and the consumer. Probably why there is so much emphasis on gaining a consumer’s trust.

Here’s are a few tips by a digital marketing services company on why your brand needs to have a more personal relationship with consumers.

Disruptive Innovation

Many of our homebound brands like InShorts, Nykaa and Oyo rooms are all brands that offer a direct-to-consumer experience. Other than that, they are also some of the brands that can be called to have made a disruptive innovation in ways people couldn’t have thought of developing a business. All these brands with a strong backbone and simple yet impactful ideas have given a completely new meaning to brand affinity. They realized that the internet generation needs innovation, interaction, and attention, which is what they capitalized on.

Fast Paced Data Accumulation

Once upon a time, the general perception was that online shopping is not trustworthy and physical retails stores are the way to go. While that is still true mostly, more and more consumers are moving to shop online. Brands like Myntra, Flipkart and Grofers are assuring consumers not only quality but a kinship of sorts. Their main strength lies in the ability to instantly feed customer data into the business model. According to a web marketing agency its this speed that ensures that the consumer stays hooked.

Gaining trust

Moving on, consider the brand Pee Safe. It is probably one of the only brands that is so openly making products for women’s intimate hygiene. They’ve actively aimed their efforts at realizing what women need and have very strongly put their foot down in a stigma driven society. The aim was to get rid of any embarrassment and unabashedly promote hygiene through toilet seat sanitizers, cramp relievers and more. According to a digital marketing agency they aimed at empowering women to not be afraid or ashamed. Without a doubt, many women do rely on the brand now.  With a strong aesthetic on their social media while also normalizing stigmatized topics they manage to attract the younger audiences a lot.

In the end its all about empowering your consumer. People are looking to create a human connection with brands and they need to feel as if there are talking to another human and not a commodity. Make them fall in love with your product by ensuring peak customer satisfaction. Remember that branding your product is a two-way street, according to a social media agency, so keep that in mind when you market it and see amazing traction.

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