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Here’s how to define the process of brand storytelling

Any brand in the market is here to make good revenues. That revenue only comes with having a good amount of long staying audience. To do that more and more people need to know about your brand, thus you need to be able to grab the attention of your relevant audience. You need to be able to market your brand right. One of the best ways marketing companies in Delhi do that is by telling stories. There are a few ways to do that.

Here are insights by one of the top 100 marketing companies on ways you can tell a story through your brand to increase awareness and engagement.

Through A Storyteller

Being a brand that sells products, storytelling might not be a brand’s expertise. Moreover, it’s a whole new process altogether, so that means employing a lot more resources. However, when you have a storyteller at your behest, things become much easier, a brand tends to gain more visibility. A storyteller tells the brand’s story in his/her own way, thus connecting to an audience on a whole other level. This is where a creative agency in Delhi comes in handy in becoming your storyteller. As storytellers, a marketing agency manages to reach a large audience, because they make an audience feel as if their needs are being heard and understood. This establishes trust between the storytellers and the audience. This essentially means that the brand is actually renting the audience’s trust.

Direct Brand Storytelling

Another way to tell a story is by telling it yourself without the involvement of a storyteller. This helps you reach an audience but only a small one, considering how it is your own story that you are telling. In such a scenario what happens is that you are commanding the audience to understand you rather than you trying to understand them. According to a digital marketing services company that is not a beneficial scenario at all. Moreover, as a brand, your expertise is the product you are selling and not how you sell it. This method may benefit you but only after taking its own time. When you tell your own story you gain the trust of a smaller audience and then the ripple effect works overtime but only if you are consistent.

An Audience’s Story

The third way and the midway is not telling a story at all and letting your audience do that themselves. This is one of the most effective techniques employed by the best digital marketing companyThis is the method where you pick an aspirational story that exists between your brand and the audience and this serves the mutual interests of the two parties. The storytellers talk about things they have expertise in and those are exactly the things the audience is already interested in. Thus, having found a middle ground, the brand and audience are on a page that is beneficial to both ends of the spectrum.


  • Telling the brand’s story through storytellers helps reach a larger audience and gain their trust, which means the brand is renting that trust.
  • Telling your brand’s story directly reaches out to a smaller audience which can provide an opportunity to reach out to more people but slowly.
  • Not telling your story at all and letting the audience do that so as to voice their aspirations works well to help the two parties reach a common ground.

With the pros and cons of different storytelling methods at your disposal, you can now weigh which one is best suited to your brand. You could also reach out to marketing companies in Delhi to help make things easier.

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