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Here are some of the best software development tools to help increase efficiency

Software development is a time-consuming task. It requires immense concentration and time sufficient enough to bring the product to fruition, get feedback and make bug fixes. However, sometimes you end up being on a time crunch, thus being quick and efficient becomes the need of the hour. According to a website designing company in Gurgaon to assist one with this crisp efficiency, there are a plethora of software development tools on the internet today.

Here are some of the best software development tools used by website development companies in Gurgaon.

Code Lobster

Providing support for some of the most popular content management systems like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, Code Lobster is one of the best tools, especially for PHP development. A number of the top digital marketing companies in India employ this tool for fast and correct code development. The reason being, that it simplifies the process of PHP development.


If you need a tool for complete software deployment, the Kwatee Agile Deployment is what you need. It basically deploys texts and binary files from multiple target servers, depending on all your software needs. With something like this, there is no need for installation or configuration. The tool is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Solaris, etc.


A highly user-friendly and customizable tool, there’s a lot that Atom offers you. Equipped with an auto-complete feature, it helps you code quicker and sharper. With a highly flexible UI, it also allows working on multiple projects in one window. Many website development companies in Delhi prefer using it for it supports some of the major operating systems like Window, MacOS and Linux.

Enterprise Architect

A requirement management tool, it helps top digital marketing agencies to stay on top of their development. The tool offers you the ability to build sturdy and simply conceivable systems. The platform integrates other development tools as well by producing requirement models. User-friendly and agile this tool manages to process even large models in seconds. Thus, it makes for a great tool to visualize diagrams and execute codes.


Providing a platform for collaboration of distributed teams and companies as well as for the deployment to any production environment (private, PaaS, Cloud), Clourforge is a rather preferred tool in software development. Being highly UX friendly, it allows you to handle multiple teams, projects, and processes simultaneously. This is the reason why it is such a useful tool for any web marketing agency. Lastly, it also supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SCP(Secure Copy Protocol), SSH(Secure Shell), Rsync to the run-time environment.

With these tools in tow, you are sure to become rather quick with your work without the let possible mistakes. Utilize these tools to their best potential and a perfect software may be at your behest. We hope this insight from a website designing company in Gurgaon proves useful to your cause.


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