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Follow these 5 tips to handle Public Relation Crisis this year

Every business is attracted by the bright side of PR: the happy clientele, news articles and the positive reviews, but you must not underestimate the stressful yet crucial and strategic side of PR, crisis management.

Some of the leading PR agencies in Gurgaon understand that one bad piece of article, or a random social media post, or a comment by the brand spokesperson can hamper the brand image which you have created over the years with your hard work and diligence.

So, before you jump into taking the next step, think through your further plans: How will you face the crisis? What will be the impact of your words on the audience, public or the brand image?

Unfortunately, you will not get plenty of time to plan your comeback during times of crisis, so we have enlisted the top 3 tips which will assist you to make your way through crisis quickly and effectively:

  1. Watch Your Tone: According to public relation experts, during times of crisis like COVID-19, an over-enthusiastic or an entirely professional tone is not a good choice as your customers are already going through a rough phase and expect some solemnity from your messaging (irrespective of your business’ nature).

    Do not lose the empathetic and compassionate tone in your messages, as you can help your customers stay calm in a situation of crisis.

  2. Keep it Real: The top digital PR agency found that there isn’t a worse mistake than dishonesty. Never try to cover your tracks with lies, because it could terribly hamper your brand image in front of your audience.

    Especially during the year 2020, when the market situation is so fragile and dynamic. So, instead of claiming something without confidence, admit the situation and let your customers know the truth about the situation.

    #Quick-tip: Come up with a comprehensive speech that clarifies your position and offers to help.

  3. Do not Complicate: In a situation of crisis, many PR officials panic and send out mixed messages and end up confusing the users. In such a situation, you need to keep it as simple as possible, and clearly convey what your customers need at that time.

    Before making your content public, always use a fresh pair of eyes to review the quality of your messaging.

  4. Stay Prepared: The best digital pr agency in Delhi NCR understands that many businesses fail to prepare a communication plan during the crisis, and lead to unexpected consequences.

    While creating your crisis plan, do not forget to keep track of the most important factors which can affect your business: stakeholders, branding rules and more.

  5. Keep your ear to the ground: After all your efforts in an interactive and influential messaging, your customers will surely try to engage and revert to your messages. So, you need to stay active on social media platforms, and online communities to view any reviews and comments related to your brand. This will enable you to communicate and convert any negative reviews into positive ones.

    Crisis communication is all about analysing customer sentiment and acting on it — ASAP.

Want to get a crisis-safe plan for your brand? Contact the best pr agency in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue, which specializes in creating effective public relation strategies to help your brand get over any crisis.

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