Festive Season: A Perfect Time to Push Your Sales

They say, “There’s a time for everything. If it hasn’t happened yet, it’ll definitely happen later.

Patience is the key when you’re from marketing background! Sales is not an easy task. But there are specific days on which the prime focus on marketers lies on. And The common one is the FESTIVE SEASON. A time to rejuvenate, a time to replenish, a time to refuel; a festive time is a period which fills up every individual with an excitement vibes.

It is the period when sales peak and we, marketers, focus to boost up! Around this time viewers will find some amazing irresistible ideas to lure in the customers, be it discount offers, some funny posts or attractive schemes.

As a marketing agency, the mindset is to come up with cool and mind boggling posts and amazing campaign ideas for the clientele. The post, campaigns, hoardings, pamphlets even our television commercials are designed specifically over the festive concept. The ultimate aim is to attract the viewers (that are leads) to prospects. The success of each campaign strategy is solely dependent on how well you connect with the audience.

Alongside newspapers and pamphlets, digital marketing techniques are amalgamated in the marketing strategies. Marketers use these keeping in mind the regular updates of the industry. A study shows that after the year 2003, use of orthodox techniques of marketing like newspaper advertisement and pamphlets have reduced. Over 85.77% of the marketing is done using digital media platforms, as major audience comprised of the millennial & Gen Z, which uses social media sites. Most as these were the audience who companies target as it increases chances of high conversion rate.

There are different techniques which companies took forth for increasing sales during festive season

  1. Using OOH Media: Bill board are the most common and the most promising way of making a hype of a new product. These days bill boards are getting smarter and innovative. This creates an awareness and urge to have the product. Guerrilla marketing in OOH media works wonders.
  2. Using Social Media Platforms: Instagram and Facebook commercials play a very important role in promotion of a product. They advertise audience centric promotion on these platforms.

Taking a few examples of-

  • Durex, they’re the most popular brand which manufactures condoms. They know their target audience pretty well and their commercial focus showcases that. Their posts on social media are engaging, humorous and in real time.
  • Colgate, they’ve been focusing over a specific age group audience for a long time. By coming of Patanjali, they’ve switched their focus over organic-made products to retain their customers.

Not just FMCG companies, even the automotive sector see the festive season as a golden opportunity for boosting their sales by launching new products and along with it some goodies. They’re customer centric tactics helps them attain their goals as well as giving them an edge over their competition. New launches, cutting the price rates, gifts vouchers are some tactics that are used to capture the attention of the potential customer.

Author Bio: Shubham is working as a Business Developer in The Marcom Avenue. He’s a hardcore marketing enthusiast who loves surpassing expectations every time.

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