Experiential Marketing- The How and The When!

Experiential marketing agency brings value to a brand by generating customer engagement, by getting media coverage and online visibility, and by building brand affinity in the minds of the customers. Experiential marketing is bringing the essence of the brand to life in front of the customers for them to explore. To know more about what is experiential marketing and why is it important, read.

There are a few ways in which experiential marketing can be included in any brand’s advertising strategy. So now the question arises, how is experiential marketing in India executed for it to yield returns for the brand.

How to Implement Experiential Marketing in Strategy?

1. “But First, let me R&D.”

Researching the audience is the first step. Findings need to include the following information. Profile of the audience, demographics driving most sales, reasons for consumer connection with the brand, points of contact where the brand can touch base with their customer. Based on this set of information, experiential marketing firms develop tactics to encourage customers to purchase from the said brand.

2. Every experience has a message.

Each event has a particular message that the brand has to make its target audience experience. Based on the research about the brand’s audience and niche, an experiential marketing agency in Gurgaon can format a message. Create an event on the channel of preference where the customers can reach.

3. Promote the Event

An unavoidable step in launching any event is to advertise it well to the target audience. Both online and offline advertising is open to utilization depending upon the size of the event. All events require a digital branding agency to generate hype about the event. Announce the event of all of the brands’ channels. Live stream is also a very effective tool today to generate an online buzz about the ongoing event.

4. Team up with other brands

The target audience has multiple interests. Partnering up with reputable brand names supports the overall brand event. Both companies should complement each other in their services, TG as well as their core values at the event. This maintains the overall image of the hosting brand at the event in front of the audience.


So, when does your brand require an experiential marketing expert for innovative ideas? We will tell you! These are the popular experiential marketing formats which consumer- based brands use. The benefit of each of them are also mentioned. If and when, your customer experiences solely these formats, you as a brand are not likely to maximize your benefit from this effort. This is because these are regular formats now. Along with these, a brand needs to have additional formats for interaction at their event .

a) Product testing

Free distribution of either the product launched or of the widely consumed products or all products on display. Free sampling and product testing is a consumer favorite since it is the distribution of free things.

b) Organizing a workshop

An expert/ guide involves and teaches the audience about the product, its utilization, and its maximization. It is a practical approach to spread word of mouth from an educated satisfied customer.

c) Tour of the facility

Now more than ever, the audience is curious about how their products are made. It is also an interesting concept to give tours of the facilities to potential customers to make them understand their product better.

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