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Experiential Marketing- The What & The Why!

How do companies have long lasting revenue generation?! There is only one commonality in all of them. They base their core values on making consumer experience the brand essence. The fate of an experiential marketing agency depends on delivering exceptional consumer experience.

A brand is an abstract idea to the consumer. Plant these ideas in the mind of the consumers. Water your samplings with real experiences. Real experiences breathe life to these ideas in the mind of the consumer.

What is Experiential marketing?

If you are looking to define experiential marketing, STOP!It is redundant. It is an encouraging venture that a brand undertakes to engage a consumer in the live activity organized by the brand.Experiential marketing is a structured mess of random happenings carefully planned to drive brand awareness.

CAUTION: It may turn into a publicity stunt if it is poorly executed. Do not push the product on the consumers. Such an event can damage your image in the industry.

Why Experiential marketing brings value to a brand?

Experiential marketing personalizes your consumers real in-person interaction with any brand. It portrays a touch and feel version of the marketing campaign. Experiential marketing becomes a pool of brand communication strategy for the consumers to dive into.

1. Customer engagement-

People love to brag. That’s why they post what they are doing, where they are, who are they with on social media platforms. A creative strategy for experiential marketing In India can create the need for posting on social media platforms from the consumers’ end. It is a brand communication strategy that can essentially build digital visibility without intense digital marketing. And it opens up doors for ORM support.

2. Media coverage and online visibility-

Events of any measure (big or small) attract significant media coverage. Success of experiential marketing is celebrated in the media. Although it requires additional public relation integration in the marketing strategy. An event- only marketing strategy has a direct/ an indirect impact on the digital marketing and online reputation of the brand. It also generates an authentic social media presence through consumer posts.

3. Building brand affinity-

Brand affinity is to naturally make people like your brand over your competitors. Customers easily switch brands. Long term retention is a benefit that experiential marketing provides. The customer can learn directly about the brand from free product testing and engage to have firsthand knowledge of the product range which often leads to trial driven purchases.

Experiential marketing is a thoroughly planned effort. A few cool experiential marketing campaigns were exhibited in DFL Cyber Hub. Know more about them down below.

1. Air Asia- A creative banner with direct brand message.

2. National Geographic- Brand experience through virtual reality technology

3. Google- Product launch through dummy phones and displays.

4. Google Maps- Product experience through kiosk set up.

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