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Design thinking; Here all you need to know about it

Designing is an extensive process when it comes to UI/UX. It requires time, effort and research. And the first step to doing all this is the process of design thinking. Design thinking is the process that helps guide website development companies in the right direction through the design process. It sets all the goals, the foundation for research and execution and the division of roles and responsibilities.

Here’s all you need to know about the design thinking process from a web marketing agency.

Problem Solving

Every design starts with a problem. And thus, every design needs to be able to solve that problem so as to ensure that the user is satisfied with what s/he sees and does. That is how many of the top digital marketing agencies ensure a good user-friendly UI. Solving a problem gives the design a purpose and as long as the design has that, it is bound to be a success. Research on who your target audience is and what constitutes their needs and problems. Once you know that, it’s going to be easy to do the rest.

Problem Reframing

Trying to solve a problem may lead a website design agency to another problem. This obviously tends to get frustrating and may even lead to a few dead-ends. The reason behind this may be the lack of understanding that what a user says and portrays may be very different from what s/he feels, wants, and really needs. It is about understanding that and providing the user that without s/he expressing so. Users sometimes might not actually need a good design but a simple medium to communicate or vice versa, it’s about finding the right solution.


It is obviously one of the most well-known facts about a good UI, that it needs to cater to the user the most. However, a web designing company in Gurgaon follows the extreme user pattern. It is essential to identify your extreme user and cater to him/her, for their views will base the opinions of other users too. For example, yours is a business that sells makeup, so your extreme user would be a makeup artist. If they are satisfied, they can easily amplify other users’ demand for your product.


While being innovative and creative is good for your design, you also need to take an integrated approach to the whole process. It’s important to look at everything the system requires and not just what you think looks or works well. It involves everything from the key stakeholders, limitations, problems, deadlines, differences of opinions, research, statistics. Only with all this taken into consideration does an internet marketing company in Gurgaon goes on about the thinking and designing process.

Now that you know what design thinking is all about and why it’s important, it becomes much easier to go about the process efficiently. That is how many website development companies look at it.

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