Create Stellar Niche Paid Ad Campaigns

Online advertising in today’s time has become extremely competitive. Brands are investing more and more money on paid ads to get a pool of their target audience. Not only this, they are spending a good amount to keep their graphs increasing.

However, drawing a line between who is your target audience and who is not is very important. The whole society can not be your target audience. This is so because your business might not be relevant to a lot of people. It’s time to understand the dynamics of the advertising market to generate a handsome ROI.

Paid Media Vs. Owned Media Vs. Earned Media in Niche Markets

Many of you might think they are all the same. But we would like to break this myth. Though they belong to the same team i.e. marketing, they address different forms of advertising.

When you pay money to publish your ad in a newspaper or magazine, it is called paid media.

If you post ads, videos, photos, reels, stories, on your social media channels, it is called “owned media”.

When any publishing house publishes your content organically, it is called “earned media”.

Create a Successful Niche Paid Media Campaign:
After knowing everyone is not the Target Audience, your next question should be how to find the right audience so you can pull your ad budget and target it to the right audience.
We’ll be discussing this question further. So, keep reading!

Identify/Research Your Target Audience: To launch a successful and niche media ad campaign, identifying your target audience is a must to know.

Create a Buyer Persona

To know what your ideal consumer wants is the first step of knowing your Target Audience. You can do that by asking your consumers to fill-up the form. To know the age of the consumers, which social media platform they are mostly engaged in, what they expect from your brand?
Such questions will help you know your target audience better.

Determine a campaign budget:
After having a good understanding of who your target audience is, it will be easy to work on a niche paid media campaign. Start by figuring out your budget. Don’t set an unrealistic budget on a random basis. Research completely before doing it.

Have answers to questions like:
What were your sales last month’s sales?
How much revenue have you generated without displaying paid ads?
What is your company’s financial position?

All of such questions will help you to come up with a number that will give you sales without exhausting or pushing your budget.

Target High-Intent Keyword:
High intent keywords are the crucial part of paid ad marketing. You can find high-intent keywords for your business after doing good research. Look at your competitors. Which types of words they use in their ads. Which will be the right keywords that will bring more sales and which aren’t? Which can create a strong consumer base and which can’t.
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