creative marketing strategies for education industry in 2020

Strategies Education Industry Must Adopt in 2020

There have been many technological developments in the e-learning industry over the decade, and people are utilising these developments now more than ever. These developments have filled the gap quickly and efficiently that had been created by the suspended learning education system under the threat created by COVID-19.

As the affected regions have started locking themselves down to counter the threat of the virus, over 1.2 billion students were sent home without a clear-cut plan to continue their education. The E-learning industry has a great potential for the upcoming future, especially after the pandemic led educational system crisis. Universities have to market themselves differently in 2020 than they did in the past due to the ever-changing nature of modern technology. Thus, they need to develop innovative and incredibly effective marketing strategies to attract the students and parents and encourage them to further enroll in e-learning sessions. There are some of the best digital marketing agencies which will help to devise the best brand communication strategy for your brand.

We have compiled a few digital marketing strategies that education Industries must adopt in 2020:

  1. Connect with your Customers through Video Advertising: According to research 65% of the population learns a lot better by seeing images than reading words, basically, videos are more expressive than written content. With people leading busy lives, they do not have time to sit and read long social media posts.

    Videos work hand-in-hand instead of being two separate factors. If your video content is strong, it encourages the viewer to learn more and read your information. Reach out to the best video production agencies for your video advertising strategy to play out beautifully.

  2. Integrate your School’s Story Across Marketing Channels: To build a great audience, you have to build a great authentic story and integrate it with your institutes’ marketing strategy. You have to build your story in such a way that it should match the traditional look, feel and voices before you put it on digital platforms. For targeting audiences across different channels, you can launch an effective email campaign, build out paid media ads, distribute print ads.
  3. Use ‘Minimalistic Design’: In the last few years, people’s preferences have shifted to simpler and more authentic and real things. Muted colours, simple fonts and simple designs are everywhere. With simplicity being in style, universities will have to begin to follow suit. If you are having difficulty in creating the best design for your website, consult some of the top performance marketing agencies in Gurgaon.

    Through less design, brand managers can focus on emotional marketing as part of the copy. By integrating minimalistic design and storytelling, you can enhance your marketing strategy.

  4. Revolutionising the Search Experience: Nowadays, one can find information with just one click and sometimes in zero clicks. Yes that’s possible with the increase in the interest of people in voice assistant gadgets. A survey conducted by Microsoft in 2019 shows that 72% of respondents used a voice assistant. Therefore, universities have to optimise and ensure that their website ranks at the top on search engine result pages as well.

    While Amazon Echo and Google Home are two popular voice assistants now, it is likely that there will be many other popular voice assistants developed in the future. This will make it necessary for universities to pay even more attention to their website’s search rankings in order to implement this effective form of marketing for universities. With the help of the best SEO services in Delhi, you can rank your site in the top results in Google and other search engines.

  5. Channelizing Strategies for Mobile Marketing: With everything going digital, advertising has also shifted to mobile. On popular social media platforms like Instagram, some colleges have begun using their resources to truly meet the audience where they spend most of their time. According to TrackMaven, Instagram could be the best platform for higher education marketing as it receives 83% of interaction per 1000 followers. As every teenager once tries social media platforms in life, which makes it a great platform to advertise on mobile using smart advertising techniques.

    After social media, there comes a main website. You need to optimise your website for mobile. Your website should not be computer-styled and should be optimised for smaller screens. To develop your platforms for mobile, reach out to the top website development agencies in India.

  6. Embracing SEO: SEO is the most important part of any digital marketing strategy. It has become a necessary tool for every business if you want to achieve success in online advertising. Universities have started prioritizing SEO as more and more people turn to use online resources. Most colleges have a unique name, but for students unsure of where to go, they’re not looking for colleges based on their name but their current ranking.

    Universities need to use strong keywords to optimise search engines. Long-tail keywords may be a hit or miss, but when done right, you can get the clicks you need. According to Search Engine Journal, there’s less competition if you use long-tail keywords. Consult the best SEO services company in Delhi NCR for gaining trust of your customer.

  7. Hop on to SMS Marketing: Nowadays students prefer chatting more than calling. Students may not want to talk to humans, but they’re okay with hearing from humans through text messages. SMS marketing can really play well, if integrated in the best way.
  8. Social Media Marketing is Essential: Social media has become a basic part of everyone’s daily life. So, if you want to reach your potential customer, you cannot ignore Social Media Marketing. Promoting your business on social media platforms leads to building brand awareness as there are billions using them. Building awareness leads to increasing awareness and thus leads to building an organic customer base of students who are of required age and are interested in the courses you have to offer. You can also engage students/parents by telling stories on social media platforms. Reach out to the best social media marketing agency in Delhi for top quality SMO services in Delhi.
  9. Live Streaming-The Next Big Thing: As you know, video can have great impact when it comes to branding. Developing interactive video content is considered to be one of the most effective digital marketing trends this year. With the onset of COVID-19, most of the meetings are being scheduled on live streaming platforms like Google Meet or Microsoft Team. Even institutions are also leveraging these platforms to teach students online. Live streaming is considered due to its free availability, real-time engagement, broader reach, and great impression rate. Therefore, live streaming is here to stay for next few years or maybe always.
  10. Vlogging: Vlogging, an acronym to Video Blogging, is going to help you drive more visibility and increase your engagement levels with your consumers. It has been building popularity among Digital Marketers and influencers. Users find video content more engaging and compelling. Hence, search engines push video content into top results.

    Brands can increase organic traffic by benefiting from it in different ways. They can embed videos into the blogs, upload on various social media channels, transcribe and get a text format of a video or grab the audio from it and make a podcast. Have a chat with the best tutorial video company in Delhi NCR for advice on how to shoot a vlog.

  11. Leveraging VR and AR to Promote Immersive Learning: Advancing technology is one way the world is evolving, and students are interested in learning these changes. These technologies are effective because it uses the idea of being ahead of your competitors. Becoming an early adopter could mean the difference between falling behind and being an innovator.
  12. Adding User-Generated Content: Brands need to add the content that is generated by the user. Pictures are the best form to show how students can have a great time at your university. Brands can also opt to get an influencer to speak for your university to get more people to notice you. It’s essential to understand your prospects’ behaviour to find the most suitable influencer to help you.

Here’s a list of some of the digital marketing strategies that the education industry must adopt in 2020. With the concept of social distancing, it is already being implemented in 2020. You should prepare yourself ahead and work hard to embrace the latest technologies, strategies, and tools in order to find your edge over your rivals.

Still having confusion on how to market post pandemic? Just contact some of the best marketing agencies in Delhi.

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