Cost- Effective Ways to Boost Website Traffic

Any website’s main purpose is to get traffic. As on a highway, traffic is directed from all directions to a singular path. Such is the same with online traffic generation for a website. People from all directions are directed to the singular path towards that particular website. Doing this is quite plausible without inculcating any additional expenditure on the marketing module. Here’s how to do it:

Rejuvenate The Web Content

Each website holds a valuable resource at its disposal. The resource is content. As content marketing, what is required of content is to keep it fresh and relevant. Content requires investment of time, effort, and research. The content would’ve performed well at a particular time but leaving it as it is after initial short lived enthusiasm will drive the traffic down from your website.

Content marketing services suggest that not using the content available properly is redundant. Some of the previously written content might just need re-promotion. Re- promotion is done by distributing the existing content at hand through previously used mediums. Such as, if you have an earlier written blog which still holds relevance. You can promote it via the same channels as before with a new info graphic.

Along with re- promotion, use the latest keywords that spark the target audience’s interest. Update the content a bit with keywords and semantics. This will lead to the website attracting brand new traffic.

Any article can also be repurposed to a completely different type of content. Suppose an article from around 3 years ago is on the website about certain statistics and digital marketing formats, it can be used as a comparison and bring out the changes in algorithm.

This practice makes sure that the content marketing services once applied remain effectual.

Play With Formats

All written, re-written content can be distributed among the target audience in multiple formats.
If a certain business has website blogs, the content can be used to as info graphics. Written content can be explained through videos, or online social media posts. It can be turned into a slide show or even a podcast.
Content can be crafted into different formats. This will encourage an amplified content distribution, reaching the wider target audience with the same content. Using varied formats to revitalize content can better the net promoter score, which will ultimately work towards the increase in traffic on website.

Blogging Is Foolproof

Blogging strengthens the roots of the content written on the website. Writing blogs on different online platforms catering to the niche and relevance can drive up popularity of the website. Site the website’s relevant links as sources, do craft detailed content with a well thought out brand awareness strategy. The blogging content should be such that it itself works as an organic branding effort. Blogger outreach is also a good idea for increasing website traffic. If any popular blogger of the niche sites your website reference or mentions it, the audience that he/she holds will also be directed to your website traffic. If there is lack of resources for yourself to do it, there are blogger outreach agencies which will take you through the process and help you out further. It will not strain your overall budget in the long run.

Leverage Free Knowledge to Increase Traffic

Free knowledge is a great honey trap to increase the traffic on the website. In order to do this, offer educational giveaways on the website. It is a good brand awareness strategy. The point is to offer people free education in such a way that they cannot get it otherwise online for free.

A regular idea is the start with a free e-book. A person doesn’t have to be the spokesperson of the field in order to write an e-book. It would plausible to prepare a well written e-book with pre-existing blog post content. After that all one needs to do is apply this content marketing service to its benefit.

E- books are great for collecting email addresses. While distributing e-books or conducting free webinars for the target audience, it is great to ask each person to fill out details. These are also considered great tools for digital lead generation. These email addresses are used for official newsletter distribution through mailers. Include the company’s link and the website traffic is likely to increase when the target audience reaches. If there is an issue with the increased bounce off rate then investing in email marketing services will prove useful.

Most content marketing strategies don’t necessarily require additional investment. Rather they require the skill to execute such organic strategies better. Keeping all the resources at disposal in sync has a quantitative effect on the traffic generation for website. Instead of focusing on generating new content, it is better to refurbish the already existing one. A performance chart can also be recorded to see how well the same content performing now.

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