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Change in Digital Marketing Scenario from 2019 to 2020: What to expect in the future?

Digital marketing has always been a very dynamic medium, and we all must have witnessed constant changes in digital marketing trends now and then, based on the changing times and needs of the brand and its TG. With growing technology, the pace of changes in the digital marketing landscape has taken up speed.

We have come a long-way, from SEO, social media, content marketing, we are now entering a new phase of high-tech digital marketing solutions with tech like AI (Artificial Intelligence), data mining etc. The best digital agency in Gurgaon has enlisted the 2020 marketing trends which will help you to up your game:

Marketing based on Insights:

One of the best ways to improve your performance is to learn from your performance. With updated tech, you now have the opportunity to deeply understand the behaviour of your visitors, how your current strategies are performing, what your potential users are looking for and a lot more.

Now implementing this technique is a quite interesting process, first you need to closely analyse your digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Webmaster Tool, Google Trends. Once done, you will understand the performance of your website, and it is time to improve it. The top digital agencies in Gurgaon focuses on these steps while improving a website’s performance:

  • Your website is up to date, Google will never rank outdated content.
  • Remove any irrelevant pages from your website.(eg pages with 404 error)
  • Work on your top ranking keywords.
  • Improve your website’s bounce rate, you can include attractive graphical content to keep your visitors on your site for longer.

Voice Search is trending:

With the increase in the popularity of smart speakers like Alexa and Google Assistant, the traditional type and search is decreasing day by day. The top web design companies predict that almost 50% of searches will be done using voice search by the end of 2020.

With such a rapidly growing usage of Voice Search, it is very significant for the marketers to optimize their website to work with voice search to ensure that they can target more and more users.

You need to offer World Class Customer Experience:

You need to shift your focus from just promoting and showcasing your products to offering an amazing customer experience which will help you to develop a much longer bond with your customers. In a world of never ending competition, your customers expect you to deliver an unbeatable experience right from the start to the end.

Now to ensure that you meet your customer’s expectations you need to understand their requirements. Fortunately, with upgraded technology, it is not an impossible job. With features like Facebook Pixel you can easily understand the needs of your visitors.

It is very important to stay updated with your strategies to crack the marketing game, and earn more customers and grow your business.

Influencer Marketing is not the same anymore:

The top digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR recognize influencer marketing as one their greatest assets in earning customer’s trust and loyalty. Word of mouth has been a great marketing tool for a very long time, and you can call Influencer Marketing as a modern-day word of mouth.

Now, many marketers have faced multiple challenges in organising a successful influencer marketing campaign, but the growth of AI tech is working really hard to simplify the influencer marketing and make it an automated process.

We can train AI to analyse the influencer and their relatability with the brand by understanding the performance of the post made by the influencers. Providing with simpler reports, and multiple opportunities, AI can turn digital marketing into a fun and creative process.

Being one of the top digital agencies in Gurgaon, we understand that coping up with the rapidly changing marketing environment can be a task, which is why, The Marcom Avenue team works tirelessly to curate effective digital marketing solutions that will boost our clients’ business and help them meet their target goals.

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