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Can Social Media Bring Traffic To Your Website? How?

Looking for some exceptional source of traffic to your website? Do you want a medium to share your latest products/services with thousands of new customers? It wouldn’t be an understatement to call Social Media a superpower when aiming for massive website traffic.

According to a report by Statista, Social Media usage is recognized as one of the most popular online activities with an estimated population of 3.6 billion people using social media in 2020. With such a huge population, the best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon believes that the opportunity for businesses to generate the best website traffic result lies here in social media.

Many businesses while entering the world of social media consider only the industry giants like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as the platform that may work for them, but to drive the best results you need to understand all the options which may best fit your niche:

  • Pinterest: A great platform to share visual content from your website with over 300 million users.
  • Snapchat: Share your brand insights and document behind-the-scenes through videos to create a personal connection with your customers.
  • LinkedIn: This is a renowned platform to reach some industry experts and professional audience.

With such a huge audience base, you may have to face tough competition, but with an effective social media strategy you can rule your industry and successfully attract new potential customers to your business website.

The social media marketing agency in Gurgaon has curated a list of the most helpful tips to help improve your brand awareness and grow your website traffic:

  • Optimize your Business Profile:

    Everytime a user visits your social media page, your profile is the first thing which grabs their attention. Whether it is your Instagram bio, LinkedIn Company page or Twitter profile, it helps the customers know who you are.

    This is your first opportunity to enlighten the visitors about your business and guide them to your website with a direct link.

    Mentioning your website’s link is also a great way to drive traffic for your website.

    The top marketers have analyzed that social media drives a huge slice of the total referral traffic.

  • Stay Consistent with your Posts:

    The leading social media marketing agency in Delhi NCR found that your posting frequency lays a major impact on the way your audience engages with your brand.

    This posting frequency may vary through different social media platforms but we will suggest you try an experimental approach. It’s simple, try posting different kinds of posts during different times of the day, and within different time intervals. This will help you to analyze what works best for you.

  • Focus on Shareable Content:

    What is one thing which social media users like more than likes and comments? Number of shares on their posts!

    The essence of social media lies in the wide audience you can reach as a brand and every time a user shares your content, your posts reach to all of their followers boosting your brand awareness.

    As a brand, it is your responsibility to give your users a reason to share your posts. According to the top social media agencies in Gurgaon, you can improve your post shares by sharing valuable content, memes, start contests or create giveaway posts.

  • Engage with your Audience:

    Leaving your audience unanswered is not a mistake that you would want to make. Social Media is a great platform which directly connects your brand with the targeted audience, so it is great to leverage this platform to receive real-time feedback and provide an exceptional customer experience.

    This engagement will help you drive 2X traffic to your website.

    The social media marketing company in Gurgaon also explains that you can utilize ongoing social discussions to find your targeted audience and participate actively to earn customer’s attention and create some loyal customers for your brand.

  • Use Optimized Call-to-Action:

    As a brand, you must never forget your real goal. While receiving a great number of likes, comments and shares on your social media posts, you want your potential customers to land on your business website as well.

    This is where an engaging Call-to-Action comes in, these CTA buttons help the viewers to take the next step. You can add relevant phrases like:

    • Click Here
    • Read More
    • Shop now
    • Call Now
    • Learn More

    They’ll persuade readers to actually click on the content you’re sharing, driving up your referral traffic from each platform.

The above-mentioned tips are some of the best organic tactics to grow traffic but you should not underestimate the power of paid advertising on social media as well.

Social Media Advertising:

This is an effective way to reach the people who are not familiar with your brand and are potential customers for your business.

Social Media advertising helps you to create a very detailed targeting list which will ensure that your marketing budget is well utilized.

To generate the best results, we suggest you to contact the best social media agency in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue, which offers professional support to create an effective social media marketing strategy for your business.

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