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Brand Manager’s Guide To Digital Remarketing

Intentionally or unintentionally, we all have been reached out to by brands through many forms. One of the famous ways to tap potential customers is through Remarketing Ads.

Whether we like it or not, remarketing is all around us. You may have noticed the advertisements after casually browsing for an item on Amazon, then see advertisements for similar products on your Facebook News Feed, then in a promotional email or even at the top of a Google search a few hours later.

As a top digital marketing agency in Gurgaon, we here at The Marcom Avenue decided to share some insights about digital remarketing with you, which will help you in gaining an overview of what is remarketing and various aspects of it.

Let us explore the interesting Digital term.

What is Remarketing?
Remarketing is the tactic of serving targeted ads to people who have already visited or taken action on your website. Remarketing is a well-known aspect of digital marketing that allows marketers to continue the conversation with a user and increase the likelihood of a conversion/sale as well as enhance the lifetime value of the customer.

Generally, 90% of people visit a website and leave without converting. The purpose of remarketing is to catch up with visitors after they leave a website and re-engage them in an attempt to bring them back to the platform. This leads to:

  • Recover bounced website visitors and turn them into customers,
  • Increase Brand Awareness, and
  • Strengthen SEO and content marketing efforts.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop an AdWords based remarketing strategy. Consult some of the top remarketing ad agencies in Gurgaon for remarketing ad services.

How Does Remarketing Work?
Remarketing fires a tag on the webpage that places a cookie on a visitor’s browser. Digital marketer uses the cookie to target the user through paid search and display ads. Remarketing can be used to target both types of visitors, who come in through paid search and display, and target visitors who visit the website but do not perform any action. Users can also be targeted in segmented campaigns that enable different targeting, higher bids and unique messaging.

Remarketing lists are created on the basis of pages and actions tagged by a visitor on a webpage. The more tagged pages and actions, the more information can be learned about a customer. Google also allows “Custom Combinations”, which allows further segmentation of customers into smaller subsets for more specific messaging.

Types of Remarketing Ads
Remarketing is further divided into subcategories with their different capabilities. Here we have discussed the types for your understanding:

  • Standard Remarketing Ad: This type of ad target users that have visited your website in the past while browsing sites and applications on the Display network. These ads can be text, static or animated.
  • Dynamic Remarketing Ad: This type of ad includes products or services that people viewed on your website or app, powered by a feed. Dynamic remarketing is suitable for platforms such as flights, eCommerce, real estate, job listings. Hire the best remarketing ads services in Gurgaon.
  • Video Remarketing Ad: This type of ad targets people who have interacted with your videos or YouTube channel.
  • Social Media Remarketing Ad: This type of ads targets people on social media platforms if they have previously visited the website. Consult the best PPC agency in Gurgaon for the top-quality remarketing service in Gurgaon.
  • Email Remarketing Ad: This is a very common form of remarketing. You can simply load your email list into AdWords and show them ads based on previous behavior on your website if they are signed into Google, Gmail or YouTube.

Targeting the Right Customers
A remarketing campaign involves many different mindsets of customers. Targeting the right customers at the right time takes a good deal of planning, setting of goals and attention to basic human behaviors.
For the best results, you will need to split your remarketing campaigns to adhere to specific lists. Here are some of the more prominent strategies to consider:

  1. General Visitors: This is the broadest segmentation targeted for remarketing. The practice of remarketing in general works best when a website garners a healthy amount of traffic by targeting every website visitor.
  2. Product-Specific Visitors: This type of list targets people who specifically show interest in a particular product or service. For example, if your online store sells shoes, you would want to display the remarketed ads to only those people who have an interest in shoes or have searched for it in recent times.
  3. Visitors who Didn’t Covert with Benefits: This type of list targets people who visited the website, quit the site without surfing much or did not buy anything from the website. The goal of promoting ads is to get them to return to your site with some incentive to complete a purchase.
  4. Abandoned Shopping Cart Visitors: Shopping cart abandonment is a harsh reality of the e-commerce world. The people in this category are very close to buying the product or services but are not able to complete due to some reasons. To target people, you need to create a remarketing list of people who have only visited your “Shopping Cart” page and not the “Order Confirmation” page.
  5. Target Previous Customers: If you have begun to see a good amount of return traffic to your website and predict that customers are more likely to convert within a specific timeframe, create remarketing lists that play to these patterns.

This all comes down to how well you know your audience and the nature of your product. The lists you create are the heart and soul of your remarketing campaign. The level of accuracy you have in building them will play a significant role in your success rate. Therefore, to create best-remarketing ad campaigns, consult the best remarketing ads agency in Gurgaon.

In this blog, we have discussed a little about remarketing campaigns. We will be discussing strategies and some tips for optimizing remarketing campaigns. Stay tuned for more information on the latest media & marketing industry insights and trends.

If this interests you, you can also consult some of the best digital marketing agencies in Gurgaon which will advise you on the paid advertising campaign strategy for your brand.

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