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Avoid these common mistakes while placing a Google Ad

Whether you are setting up your first paid ad campaign on Google, or you already are using Google Ads to drive traffic to your website and boost your business’ performance, this blog can help you have the best value for your money by analysing and addressing some of the most common mistakes we make:

Do not worry, you are not in this alone, even some of the experienced marketers make these mistakes. Just tag along and the best digital marketing company will help you curating an effective Google Ad campaign for your business:

  1. Creating just 1 Ad Variation for each Ad Group:

    While creating an ad, every marketer feels that ‘this is the one’ which will beat all the competitor’s biddings and reach the Google SERP page with maximum results.

    But here is the truth, the key to a successful marketing campaign is ‘Testing’. By creating multiple ad variations, you improve the possibilities of better results.

    The best marketing agency in Gurgaon explains that the best practice is to create at least 3 different ads on the basis of category, generic, or specific product and run these 3 ads for at least a month.

    Now, after a month, revisit your Google Adword account, analyse the ad performance and remove the ones which are not performing well.

  2. Wrong Network Selection:

    When you are setting up your Google Ad, you get to choose from Search Network, Display Network or both, where Search Network is ideal for lead generation and conversions, the Display Network is more preferable for boosting brand awareness.

    The top PPC services found that many marketers choose both options in order to reach more people but the truth is they end up failing to achieve their goals because this increases their marketing cost. So, before you run your ad, analyse your marketing goal and understand your options to create a practical adword campaign.

  3. Underestimating Extensions:

    Extensions are arguably one of the most attention-seeking elements of your Google Ad. These allow you to showcase the additional information related to your business and can even help create some really functional call-to-actions, as shown in the ad copy below:

    underestimating extensions

    There are multiple forms of extension, such as:

    a) Sitelink Extensions

    b) Callout Extensions

    c) Click-to-Text Extension

    d) Call Extension

    e) Seller Rating Extension

  4. Not using the Negative Keywords:

    Here is a fact: Negative Keywords will not bring any money for your business but these will surely help you in saving a huge share of your marketing budget. Here’s How:

    Negative keywords are a set of certain keywords which you do not want to target while placing an ad. For eg: If your brand deals with sneaker shoes, you would place your ads around keywords like ‘sneakers, shoes, buy shoes’ but Google will still show your ads to people looking for a keyword ‘high-ankle shoes’ because it contains the word shoes.

    So by using ‘high-ankle’ as a negative keyword you can stop Google from showing your ads on irrelevant searches.

  5. Creating an Auto-Run Campaign:

    Many new marketers believe that Google Advertisement is a self-sufficient marketing strategy but that is not true at all. Creating a successful return on investment demands constant efforts.

    The best PPC services believe that the real effort begins after running an ad because you need to be constantly active in analysis and optimizing. Yes, you automate your campaign, but if your goal is to achieve great results at the minimum cost, you need to keep an eye on the keywords, ad performance, and any irrelevant searches.

Still facing difficulty in maintaining a performing Google Ad campaign? Reach out to the leading PPC services in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue which will support you in creating an effective adword campaign for your brand and achieve your marketing goal at the minimum cost.

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