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An A to Z Study of the World’s Largest Online Store’s Marketing Journey was launched in the year 1994 as an online bookstore by Jeffrey P. Bezos with a simple business model: source the product from the market wholesalers and book publishers and then directly sell them on the emerging internet.

By the year 1997, became the first-ever online website to host 1 million customers, and one of the best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR believes that a major credit of this success goes to its user-friendly website.

Later in June 2013, Amazon made its way into the Indian online retail market but with zero infrastructure. In fact, many marketers believed that it would be a failure just like in the Chinese market. 7 years into the market and experts state that India has become Amazon’s most important emerging market.

Some interesting facts about Amazon India:

  • Amazon India clocked over a whooping $600 million sales from across 97% of pin codes in just 48-hours of Prime Day Sale this year.
  • 89% of the customers accept that they are more likely to buy any product on Amazon than any other e-commerce sites.
  • There are over 1,20,000 sellers on Amazon India, out of which more 100 have their selling earnings in crores.

Amazon’s Business Model:

Amazon’s revenue model is a pretty simple one, in a nutshell, Amazon India acts as a bridge between the sellers and buyers, earning a part of the sales amount as the commission on every order. But, here is a smart idea:

Once the customers make the payment of the product, it goes directly to Amazon, and it then pays to the vendors on relatively longer payment terms, which allows the brand to invest this short-term liquidity back into business to speed up growth.

Amazon Cash Machine Business Model explained

Also, Amazon introduced ‘Prime’ subscription in 2005 which grants users an unlimited access to early deliveries, prime video, music, reading and numerous other features. Surprisingly, there are over 10 million paid subscribers of Amazon Prime which holds a great share of Amazon India’s revenue.

Yes, with passing years the world’s largest online shopping store has spread its roots in multiple areas of business which led to the invention of some remarkable products like Prime Video, Amazon Music, AWS, Alexa and many more. But our today’s focus is Amazon India’s online shopping store, so let us dig into the marketing journey of the E-commerce giant.

Understanding Amazon’s Targeting and Segmentation:

The best website development company in Gurgaon explains that the greatest online seller utilizes a complex demographic and psychographic segmentation which is really very effective since it is based on the behaviour of the customer’s purchases. This segmentation process is customized to each individual customer which assures that Amazon can build a long-term relationship with its customers.

Keeping in mind the prodigious number of products to sell, this E-Commerce leader targets both the middle class and upper-class audience which includes the customers who have got access over technology and are looking for the shopping convenience.

Amazon’s Marketing Message:

Over the past years in the Indian market, Amazon has executed numerous marketing campaigns to achieve multiple goals, but with all these campaigns, the brand has positioned itself as an E-commerce giant where one can literally buy anything from the comfort of their homes. You must have heard the phrase ‘Aur Dikhao’, this message is a clear representation of the Indian shoppers’ minds who like to see several products before they buy anything and that Amazon offers a never ending product list that caters to every customer’s needs.

Clearly, the largest online store understands the value of emotions and love for the festivals in the Indian audience, hence, it never misses to make its special place in the celebration of the most precious times through the year, be it the festival of lights or the celebration of the brother-sister bond. Let us have a look at Amazon’s brilliant marketing campaign during Rakshabandhan from last year:

#DeliverTheLove This RakshaBandhan

The festival of Raksha Bandhan reflects the beautiful relationship between a brother and a sister, and is filled with whole bunch of banter, pranks, and undoubtedly a great number of gift sharings which opens an opportunity for Amazon to attract people on the platform with huge discounts and deals while making the shopping experience much more convenient and flexible.

This campaign was a beautiful idea and strongly relatable for all those brothers and sisters who are living far away from each other but still want to keep the relationship intact. This video gave this campaign an amazing boost:

Apart from a digital Ad film, this campaign includes print, Out-of-Home, digital and Radio. Undoubtedly, this campaign was a huge success and conveyed its message among the audience: “While we can deliver the gifts, you need to deliver the love.”

#DeliverTheLove Amazon OOH:

Deliever the Love- Amazon's OOH

#DeliverTheLove Amazon Social Media:

Deliver the Love- Amazon- Social Media

#KaroMilkeTayyari this Diwali:

The festival of Diwali has no other match since this great festival is followed by holidays, joy, celebration and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sales, where every year thousands of unbelievable deals and offers are presented to the Indian customers on a wide range of products including electronics, clothing, home decor, accessories and much more.

The e-commerce giant really pulls off some strings to promote these sales and connects with the customers’ emotions. Last years #KaroMilkeTayyari is a perfect example of the brand’s efforts. The campaign’s highlight was the video creation featuring a brother and sister staying away from their home and focus on conveying the significance of enjoying these times together.

This campaign was a huge success, hence last year Amazon reported a record sales of about 7.5 billion rupees ($7.07 million) in 36 hours just in the premium smartphone brands category.

Amazon’s Secret Behind its Successful Marketing:

Undoubtedly, Amazon’s journey has been filled with a great number of challenges, strategies and tactics, but here are some of the most important ingredients which helped the Online Seller to succeed in it marketing campaigns:

  • Deep Customer Understanding: Unfortunately many businesses fail to understand the importance of analysis and understanding of customer behaviour while creating their marketing campaigns, but Amazon has surely done a pretty amazing job at it.

    For example: Amazon understood that the Indian audience is uncomfortable in making their purchases online due to many reasons like trust, product value for money, and more, and hence, the e-commerce brand developed numerous campaigns in order to gain the trust of the customers and offered impeccable after-sale services as well.

  • Putting AI and Machine Learning at work: If put at work effectively, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can be one of the most powerful assets for an E-commerce business. Clearly, Amazon understood its market need and utilized the tech to create an amazing experience for the customers and find the detailed residential addresses from all over the country.

Understanding Amazon’s Social Media Marketing Strategies:

Considering the ever-growing use of social media, Amazon India never misses to leverage the different social media platforms to improve sales and revenue.

The leading social media agency expresses that it is very impressive to witness how seamlessly Amazon has maintained an effective presence on all the social media channels including Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Quora, LinkedIn, Twitter and Pinterest. Let us have a closer look at some of Amazon’s strategies on different social media platforms:

  • Facebook Marketing:

    Amazon India utilizes the world’s most popular social media platform in numerous ways. While sharing the brand’s latest promotional videos, the team does not miss the opportunity to share their latest products, deals and offers with their community of millions of users.

    As a result of such interactive activities, this E-commerce leader has crossed over 10 Million likes on its Facebook page.

  • Twitter Marketing:

    Amazon has applied some really smart strategies for its Twitter platform in order to earn the attention of the customers on its never ending list of products.

    Amazon Cart- Twitter

    Remember the #AmazonCart campaign? A fulfilling utilization of social media technology to directly boost product sales. The brand attached a link to their tweets which directly added that specific product in the user’s carts.

  • Youtube Strategy:

    Yes, videos are the most effective form of communication to best convey the emotions and brand values, and Amazon has left no stones unturned to boost the credibility of the brand and create a strong bond with the users.

    The leading youtube advertising agency mentions that one of the best examples was the video featuring a small scale seller from a small village of Tamil Nadu, speaking about her success story with Amazon and how the brand helped her to start a new career by selling cotton pillows and wooden toys.

  • Amazon’s TV Commercial – #AurDikhao

    Even with the growing audience on the online platforms, Amazon could not afford to miss out the masses available offline, hence the greatest online store also played its best card on the traditional mode of advertising ‘TV Commercials’.

    The campaign #AurDikhao was launched in the year 2015 with the objective to leave its mark deep inside the roots of the Tier II and Tier III cities where the campaign was believed to perform well. Here is the ad film presented by Amazon India:

    This was a very smart creation considering the different elements focused in just one video. The huge variety of products offered by the company and showcasing the diversity of the nation directly leaving a strong message among the audience.

Some of Amazon’s Most Successful Marketing Campaigns:

  • #AapkiApniDukan

  • #MomBeAGirlAgain

  • Kitne Me Mila

Amazon’s SEO Campaign:

The best SEO services company in Gurgaon found that the Amazon team has been investing huge resources to maintain a leading position on the most important keywords which explains this humongous everyday sales on the platform.

For example: For an important keyword like ‘Buy Smartphones’, Amazon holds a leading position on the Google SERP page which assures that any visitor looking to buy a smartphone has a better chance of visiting before visiting any competitor.

amazon seo campaign


While analysing the complete marketing journey of the world’s largest E-Commerce store, it is very significant to understand that for the growth of any online business, it is a great choice to opt for a 360° marketing strategy in order to assure that you can target the maximum number of audience on multiple channels where your potential customers are available.

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