Advertising Trends that Shaped Brands in 2022

With the advent of an ongoing pandemic, brands and branding have expanded their views to see themselves through the lens of consumers expansively. Complex strategies are becoming more simpler and consumer savvy as advertising is not about consuming but putting the communication creatively. From simpler strategies, such as influencer and micro-influencer marketing, revolving around an integrated marketing communication approach, and the state of digital marketing overall, all of these elements are important for agencies to understand and practice them religiously.

Following trends became keynote trendsetters during the previous year and will be continued in the year 2022 as well:

a. Storytelling: Modern consumers are wiser and they understand the difference between forceful branding and the products that are really differentiating with their values and relevance, hence they avoid imposed marketing and connect more with the brands and advertising that is more organic and personal through the art of storytelling.

b. Social selling: Avoiding and underestimating the power of social selling on Linkedin can lead you to lose potential leads that you can acquire simply by quality content with a blend of sales and marketing as Linkedin is a place where decision-makers are there and witnessing what you are advertising. So, if you are not including it in your advertising and marketing then definitely you are losing on revenue.

c. E-mail marketing: Direct mail is growing exponentially as people are spending infinite hours at home than ever at home, and businesses are tapping into this with physical touchpoints, such as postcards. Due to the digital penetration and ample time at disposal, direct mailing is a new point of sale of advertising.

d. Brand advocacy and word of mouth: As an innate human behavior, it is our psychology that we go with testimonials rather than appeals chosen by brands to be advertised. Before buying or consuming anything we always like to look at reviews and trust the words said by our peers before any marketing messages. Similarly, influencers and influencer marketing are the advocates of brands as they possess an image that is viable through word of mouth and reviews.

Considering all the above-mentioned trends that have been observed throughout the year 2021, it is quite visible that digital is the way and digital marketing is the key to ace new advertising trends that are breaking the internet. If you are a brand that needs a Midas’ touch of advertising and marketing then The Marcom Avenue is your ultimate resort as an agency having many glorious brands under its belt and known as one of the best advertising agencies in Gurgaon.

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