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9 Tactics To Refine Your PPC Campaign Performance in 2020

As the novel coronavirus spreads even to the deeper parts of the world, the operating landscape of almost all industries has changed. With ventures being shut down all over the world, the advertising industry has taken a toll. While the traditional advertising mediums are highly being affected, there is a rise in consumption of digital media- thus, the increase in digital marketing has taken on the rein.

It is high time to build brand loyalty and to reach out to a larger target audience. As an industry expert, we’d suggest that running paid marketing campaigns will help grow the business in these unprecedented times. We have to be more brave, agile, creative and patient with an ever-changing environment.

As a curator of the best paid marketing campaigns, we have enlisted a few tactics which will enable your brand to provide better control over your advertising costs and analyse your ad performance in real-time:

  1. Business Show Support through Messaging: Review the current campaigns and determine if the messaging can be altered to fit in and promote the messages with the changing landscape. Try to adopt following actions:
    • a) Revisit and alter Call-To-Action Messages like “Visit in or store” or “Try the outfit at Ambience Mall”.
    • b) Advertise with sensitive messages keeping in mind the current situation amid the pandemic.
    • c) Offer free services, free deliveries and discounts and coupons.
    • d) Inform customers about any deviation in normal services.

    Some of this messaging can be used in the primary ad copy, but don’t forget to fully utilize ad extensions such as sitelinks and call-outs to convey the information. Consult some of the best paid marketing in Delhi for creating best PPC strategies for your brand.

  2. Define Your Goal: Find and set a clear and measurable goal. Keep in mind that the goal is the baseline of your optimization process. If you don’t have a proper goal, you would not be able to devise a proper action plan. First of all, you need to determine what you want to achieve from your paid search ads. Depending on your business needs, your goal could be:
    • a) Getting traffic to your website
    • b) Improving sales
    • c) Enhancing Brand Visibility
    • d) Getting subscribers or downloads

    Your goals should inspire your team to work towards the accomplishment of your company’s goals. Select the top digital marketing agency in Gurgaon for top PPC marketing services.

  3. Select the High-Performing Keywords: To attract traffic to your website through a PPC campaign, you need to select the pair of high-performing keywords. Google provides you with a tool to create a keyword list based on your website analysis. You must choose the keywords that have a high click-through-rate.You can also use geographical-based keywords to target your audiences that reside in different locations. It is advisable to use a VPN service to find out which keywords are ranking on their territory as it helps you adopt an IP address of a specific location and surf the internet like a local.
  4. Re-visit Your Budget and Spend: As many businesses are pausing their PPC campaigns to stop advertising, the bid for each keyword also reduces with less competition. If you are an essential service/product, then it is a best time to shift to more relevant keywords to make the most of low cost and higher searches.As one of top Facebook ad agencies in India, we recommend you to compare the budget and actual spend to find the small portions of under-utilised budgets throughout the year and apply it to campaigns that need the most. Smart bidding by Google and other platforms offers an automated bidding process. It allows the platforms to automatically adjust CPC bids in real time to match the advertiser’s goals.
  5. Develop Creative and Engaging Ad Copy: Ad copy plays a significant role in determining the success of your campaign. Therefore, develop your ad copies that should attract the targeted audience. Here are some of tips to develop ad copies:
    Be concise, state your USP and convince why your product or service is better.
    Create attractive and catchy headlines. Do not forget to add a compelling call-to-action. Leverage instant protocols such as hurry, exclusive, free, etc.
  6. Do not Forget to Add Ad Extensions: Ad extensions are used to disclose the hidden content of the ads or to reveal the extra information about your product or service. Ad extensions are further divided into site links, location, call, review, call out, customer rating, dynamic site link and more.
  7. Deliver Mobile-Friendly Campaigns: As of now, most of the population is constrained to the four walls of their houses and are constantly looking for some engaging and creative content. Make sure you optimize your campaign for mobile as most of the people will see your ads through mobile. Pay more attention to short-tail keywords as mobile users do not prefer to type in long search queries. You should also look for ways to reduce typing. Reach out to high-quality shopping ads services in India to curate and publish the best altered mobile campaigns.
  8. Tapping Remarketing Ads: Remarketing ads is the best way to capture missed opportunities. You can use remarketing ads to re-capture the attention of the customers who are still in the awareness phase. Some of top remarketing ads agencies in Gurgaon will provide you top remarketing ads services in India.There are many ways through which you can boost the performance of remarketing ads to increase your conversion rates and return on investment. For example, you can try out different lead magnets, work with famous influencers in your specific niche, and more.
  9. Regularly Track Your PPC Campaign: By regularly tracking the performance of your campaign, you can ensure the success of your advertising strategy. You can use Google Analytics, Facebook Ad manager to measure the success of your campaign.

While the sudden appearance of COVID-19 has put businesses into vastly different situations, yet there are certain businesses that are growing at a considerable rate. If your business is choosing to continue spending on digital marketing, we encourage you to design campaigns that are empathetic to times today- while conveying the USP of your brand.

The Marcom Avenue is one of the top paid advertising agencies in India, which is right here with you to soften the blow for our customers and help you get back in the game with some insightful PPC strategies.

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