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7 Effective Steps You Must Follow To Boost your Website Speed

Your website speed is a critical factor not just to boost the visibility of your business website but to also improve the conversion rate out of your web traffic. Here are some interesting facts which reflects the importance of website speed:

  • 74% of the viewers will abandon your website if it doesn’t load on their smartphone within 5 seconds.
  • A delay of 1 sec can reduce the customer satisfaction by 16%.
  • Amazon stated that they would lose $1.6 Billion/year if the speed slowed down by just 1 sec.

So, to help you optimize your website speed, the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR have curated the 7 most effective steps which will help you improve your site’s performance:

  1. Do not Resize Images in HTML:
    This is a very easy-to-follow step while optimizing your website, just use an image editor tool to resize your images, instead of directly resizing on HTML. This is because even when you lower the image size on HTML, the file size will remain the same.

    The best website development company in Gurgaon found that using an editor tool will give a new file with reduced size, which will lower the website load as well.

  2. Use a Content Delivery Network:
    Yes, a content delivery network system might increase the cost of your operations but will also offer additional speed to your website because the speed of any site is greatly impacted by the distance between the user’s location and the web server.

    Having your content placed strategically in terms of the geographic location will reduce the distance being travelled by the data, hence improving the website speed.

  3. Opt for Lazy Loading:
    This is one of the smartest ideas to deliver your website content to the users at the fastest speed. In this process, instead of loading an entire website every time, you can simply load the parts of the page as requested by the user.

    For example: Images are a huge part of every web page, considering their file size; so once the visitors first land on the website, you can display the image thumbnail to maintain a good web speed and once the user request for the full image, you can asynchronously display the full-size image.

    This will help you to reduce the wait time for the user, hence improving their experience with your business.

  4. Don’t Use Image for Text:
    The top website development company in Gurgaon found that many websites utilize images to display text since they might look visually appealing but the fact is using images for text will make it useless for SEO and will not be useful for the screen users.

    Also the images will make your website heavier, which will lead to increased website load time.

  5. Optimize your Coding System:
    Analyse your source code and eliminate any unnecessary codes which you think can be applied directly using CSS.

    This is an unoptimized coding: <h1><em>Your heading</em></h1> and it can be optimized very easily by using ‘font-style’ in your CSS. Additionally, it is much easier to make any required changes in the future.

  6. Imply a Caching System:
    The idea is very simple, many websites lose their credibility just because they have to visit the server again and again to deliver the same content, but one of the best WordPress development agencies found that applying a caching system will ensure that your site has to create the content just once which will boost your website’s speed.

    Even if your content is constantly updated, you can set the refresh rate as per your requirement.

  7. Use the correct file format:
    Choosing the right format for your image files will assure that you do not lose the quality of your image content while you optimize your file size for website speed. Understand the role of different formats and use the appropriate ones as per your need.

Still facing trouble in optimizing your website speed? Contact the top website development company in Gurgaon, The Marcom Avenue, which will help you with expert support in improving your website design, performance and ROI.

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