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6 Tips to optimize your brand with Local SEO

Don’t we all know already how much marketing means for a business? It means even much more for multi-location businesses and small-scale businesses. While more prominent brands have the budget to spend on numerous forms of marketing, whereas small scale businesses do not have the bandwidth to invest as much, and so it is best if you start with search engine optimization strategy. By optimizing your business with Local SEO, you can engage potential highly motivated customers who are looking for your offerings at the very moment.

What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a business’s online presence such that it is visible to the nearby audiences when they search what you have to offer.

Why is Local SEO important for businesses?

As the best SEO agency in Gurgaon, we can say that Local SEO is essential for businesses because:

  • People have specific search intent, they are not too similar to the other, and so you need to create a strategy that is specific and narrowed down.
  • Local search can lead to more customer visits. Yes, without a doubt. If you have added relevant search queries to your website, you can cater to the customers and improve the numbers of visits.
  • Local searches have a high purchase intent. If a person in your business’s region is looking for something, 80% chances are that they are interested in buying the product.

Hence, we can say that local searchers are almost always ready to make a purchase from the place they searched for – so, you must invest in Local SEO. As Local SEO will help you create the opportunity to help them find you when they are looking for you.

Now, let’s optimize your website/brand image with Local SEO to appeal to Google’s proximity, relevance and prominence using these 6 tips and tricks:

  • Make your website mobile-friendly: If you have optimized your website, making it mobile-friendly and responsive will bring you a step closer to improving your SERPs as it is one of the top SEO ranking factors. Mobile sites perform better in search and provide a better experience for users, and so your customers expect it too!

    Mobile-friendliness is especially essential for local search queries, as 77% of the people use their mobile devices to look for a local business. So, as many people can access your website from a mobile smoothly, the better your chances of being found. Further, it is much easier to navigate through a mobile-friendly site – which will lead to more time spent on the platform, in turn, sales and positive attitude for your brand and high Google rankings.

  • Add your business address on the website: However easy it may sound, the value of this tip is immeasurable. Just add your business address to the website to enable Google to understand where your business is – feature your physical address. Adding your address to the website will allow Google to/other search engines to associate with your business with a specific region or area.

    More tips-

    a) If your business is located at one 1 site, add that address to the website in the footer and contact page.

    b) If you are at more than 1 location, make individual location pages for all the location, and embed them into 1 page on the contact us page.

    c) Embed Google map on every location’s page showing your business location. Also, embed the Google map on Contact us page for more clarity.

    d) Add location-based structured data to your website.

  • Create a Google ‘My Business Page’: It is a free listing, which has become quite crucial for any business to be better ranked on Local SEO queries. A brand/business can create their Google My Business Page listing for each of their locations. GMB listings are full of important information about your business which helps locate your business, connect with you or your website and offers a CTA.
  • Build business citations: Google My business is one of the most important business citations for Local SEO. But it is not the only one that helps improve your search engine optimization. Your citation includes online mention of your name, phone, and address – which makes your business profile more authentic and trustworthy. Create your citation on:

    a) Facebook

    b) TripAdvisor

    c) MapQuest

    d) Instagram

    e) GMB
    And other relevant platforms in your Locality.

    Create profiles for your business on all well-known national citation sites as well as regional or local business directories.

    #Pro-tips: As one of the best SEO services company in Gurgaon, we would suggest that you research your locality and then build citations integrating those keywords.

  • Optimize Meta-tags & Meta-descriptions for your business: Make all your Meta tags and description as local as possible to drive more traffic to your profile. Meta tag is like the page description that appears on SERPs, and your Meta description is to describe your page. So, to improve Local SEO, optimize title tags and Meta descriptions for your location and business category.
  • Target and optimize your site for local keywords: Add relevant keywords to your business website and optimize it to enable customers to find you. Add maximum number of relevant keywords in your profile to rank better in SERPs.

While you follow all the above-mentioned tips and tricks, don’t forget to optimize your off-page SEO activities. You are not just limited to your on-page SEO when it comes to interacting with customers from a local region but off-page as well, and so you need to work on off-page SEO to build your site’s authority and relevance and hence draw more traffic, searches and orders.

Apart from building SEO via activities, you need to focus on getting maximum numbers of reviews on Google My Business page, Facebook, Zomato, IndiaMart, and relevant platforms to create a more trustworthy image about your brand not just for Google, but for the potential customers who get tilted in your directions without any additional efforts. Also, Google looks at the number of reviews and types of reviews there are for any business to determine their SERPs.

Millions of people read Google reviews or reviews in general to understand the quality offering of the brand, and if you have numerous good, positive reviews, it will automatically improve your SEO as more traffic will come to your website.


Local SEO is all about driving more and more traffic from the region close by and it enables/empowers small and multi-location businesses to get the most out of search marketing by helping them connect with their potential customers.

So, don’t lose on any opportunity, connect with The Marcom Avenue that offers the best SEO services in Gurgaon. We will perform an SEO audit on your site using the latest technologies and our expertise, and will share an elaborate Local SEO plan to improve your local search rankings and performance, and also drive customers to your brick and mortar shop or increase online sales.
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