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6 funny Holi tweets and memes that created a buzz in 2018 and are likely to do the rounds in 2019 as well.

The festival of colors is approaching (and so is that office chutti, heck yes!). We are already jumping in our seats while also enjoying a few giggles. Why, you ask? Well, we are currently doing a rundown on some of the funniest Holi tweets of 2018. We’re sure you’ll crack up too. Here’s a list of tweets that did the rounds in 2018 and had us in splits.

Reality v/s expectation

From “I’ll wear a white kurti, pretty earrings and nice dupatta” to… Well. We can all relate!

The South Delhi Gal

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We all have that one friend, don’t we? Who’s up for an organic holi y’all?

Yep, not us.

Holi? What’s that?

The worst nightmare ever! Unfortunately, it’s been a reality for pretty much all of us. Our heart goes out to those who’ll be cramming up textbooks while your friends and family have the time of their lives.

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Just so we’re clear

This guy will always be there. What’s more no one ever knows who the guy is. But really friend, thank you!


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Mohe Rang de Basanti

Although this one tops the list in the book of good PJs, it always ends up leaving us in splits. Never gets old!

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Sad but True

This might sound really funny but it actually is a bit sad. Well, why don’t we all turn that around and happy and colorful Holi by saving water. Have a dry Holi folks!

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