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6 Effective Ways to Use Video in Your Email Marketing

Imagine yourself checking your boring mailbox and finding mail with a music video from one of your favourite brands. Surely the music video must have brought a smile on your face and made you feel valued as a subscriber. This is the reason why video email marketing is considered an effective marketing strategy that paves the way for creative brand communication.

Video email marketing is simply including videos in email marketing. 83% of marketers consider video as the most impacting marketing tool and studies underline that its importance is increasing day by day. 80% of businesses have already started including videos in their marketing strategies. Thus, including videos in your email marketing can engage your subscribers and increase your conversions. It can help to build stronger relationships with customers, generate leads, and strengthen the content behind your brand. While including video in your emails may sound cliched, using it effectively can dramatically increase the click-through rate (CTR).

Here are the 6 effective ways to use video in your email marketing:

1. Personalized Emails:- Personalized emails always make your subscribers feel special and when a video is included in it then it is like an icing on a cake. If you have a backlog of video content on your website, consider using that to your advantage and sending personalized emails. By doing this you can surely raise CTR, develop a better relationship with the customer and increase more views on the video.

2. Event Marketing:- Keep your lens always in action. Do the marketing of every party and event that your company hosts. Create a video bank of all the events, whether internal or external and send it to your subscribers. In this way, subscribers become more acquainted with the work culture of your company and they feel a part of it. This also helps to build their interest in your company’s events and eventually more engagement which also results in user-generated content for you.

3. Include Video in Subject Line:- Subject line serves as a deciding factor whether the subscriber is going to open your email or not. Therefore, make your subject line catchy enough to entice subscribers to open the email. Consider using emojis in your subject line because these are more inviting and cultivate the interest of subscribers in opening your email. Also, to make your subscribers read your mail completely so as to better understand the video, embed the video at the end of the mail.

4. Product Marketing:- Our eyes are friendlier to visuals rather than text. That is why giving a video representation of your product is more impactful than text descriptions. To build interest in your product try making a demo video that explains how your product will fit into the lives of your audiences. Send these videos in email to them. This will make subscribers feel as if their subscription is useful to them and in-turn strengthens your relationship with them. Additionally, it will keep the product in your customer’s minds.

5. Newsletters:- Giving subscribers scheduled newsletters without videos could be marked as unproductive. But on the other hand, a newsletter with a video embedded in it may boost your business. There are many ways to include videos in newsletters so that these newsletters can be effective. Video-heavy businesses can benefit from newsletter video embeds, allowing the subscribers to catch up on content they may have missed.

6. Engage with Your Community:- Embedding video in email affects your relationship with customers and gets your community-engaged from beginning till the end. According to the data, 64% of consumers purchase products after watching a video describing that product. This reflects the importance of videos in marketing. The video helps a brand to interact with its subscriber community every day in a creative manner. Now, because subscribers are familiar with your company, they have a higher chance of being far enough along in their buyer’s journey to be invested in videos that call for their participation. These videos usually have a CTA, such as a code for an exclusive sale or a poll for future content.

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