5 Ways to Increase Revenue with Organic Traffic: By Top Digital Agencies in Gurgaon

With millions of active websites, the competition of getting online traffic is more difficult than ever.  According to the top digital agencies in Gurgaon “The best strategy to drive organic traffic encompasses SEO, content planning, SEM, paid ads, and a lot more”. 

However, what elements add more, is always questionable. Though each approach has its own significance, when put together, it gives an effective outcome. As a new publisher, getting good organic traffic is quite challenging. Which path to take, whether to rely on content planning or SEO is confusing. In that case, let’s take an insight into 5 different ways through which you can have an instant increase in your organic traffic:

  1. Create Better Content Pieces: 

There is a belief that more published content will help the website rank better. However, this is not true. On the contrary, it might hurt rather than help you. The content piece needs to be compelling enough for Google to rank it.  Therefore, writing repetitive content or misleading content will not engage the online readers. Further, it will also hamper organic traffic. So, it is advised to write content that provides the necessary information to the reader. Instead of pushing yourself in the writing process and uploading the content piece regularly, it is advised by a digital marketing company in Delhi NCR to publish one or two blogs per week regularly. 

  1. Start A Podcast: 

In this new age, marketers, and advertisers have to find a new way to build engagement with their target audience. One of the innovative ways is to start a podcast. Since consumers consume content in different and creative ways.  The podcast helps the brand to establish personal contact with a person. Your podcast will amp up the hunger to know more about your website. To start a podcast, you need to identify yourself as an authority, only then you can gain an audience. 

  1. Link Building Through Infographics: 

After creating good quality content that Google ranks, you need to build its high-quality link as well. Better domain authority will help your website to rank better than your competitors in the same niche. Infographics will help you to get inbound links from authoritative websites. 

  1. Have Long-Tail Landing Pages: 

Once a searcher knows which product to look for? He or she uses the related word to search for the product or services. Therefore, it is advised to use long-tail keywords instead of informational keywords. Also, a long-tail keyword is less competitive in comparison with informational keywords. So, it is important to identify the kinds of keywords your user uses. Building landing pages with related long-tail keywords and high-quality content can instantly improve the organic reach of the website. 

  1. Monetization: 

There is no fixed number of organic visitors. So, it’s better to monetize the blogs. To know the number of your consistent visitors is futile. There is no certainty on it. Therefore, it is important to measure email metrics; for instance – open rates, click-through rates, and conversation rates.  Measuring will help you to improve and compare for better results.


With that, the list comes to an end. We hope the above-mentioned tips help you increase your revenue and organic reach.

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