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5 Tips To Improve PPC Campaigns’ Quality Score

Google is the world’s most popular search engine. It helps the brands secure their rank and name on the first page of google search. There is a lot of competition to uphold the google rank. Therefore, one needs to be well aware of all the tactics to improve the rank. For the best digital agency in Gurgaon, ensuring their client remains at the top of Google’s results is the ultimate goal.

While SEO helps to build and enhance the organic traffic for your brand on the first results page; you simply cannot touch the hike without a well-developed PPC sponsored campaign.

Google ensures that it provides the users most relevant and significant information as per generated queries. To do this, they rely on quality scores.

The amalgamation of Content relevance, google rank, and the quality of ads determine the quality score. The key factor is how often your ad appears when an in-market enters a query your campaigns are targeting, the quality score should be considered when it comes to optimizing your paid ad campaigns.

Here we have listed the top 5 tips on how you can improve your quality score to top rank your brand amid the competition.

  • Relevancy: The high-quality score is driven by relevance. Your campaign’s relevance, keywords, and landing words should be set according to the search queries. You should make a note of all the keywords and their relevance to your campaigns. You should also ensure all ad copy and landing pages are relevant to all these keywords.
  • Keywords: Heading from knowing the right keywords to incorporating them at the right place effectively and consistently in your ad campaigns and landing pages. For instance, a small change in the title like integrating a keyword in the Title can indicate Google to understand the page better. This will improve your PPC scores as google rates the landing page with regards to the relevancy of the keywords entered by the user.
  • Negative Keywords: Putting a focus on negative words, updating, building, and monitoring the keyword, will significantly affect the cost and quality score of your campaign. By integrating negative keywords, your campaigns will not reach beyond the targeted groups. It will reach only those people who are interested in it and will be clicked by only those people. So, your ads showing the relevant keyword are of high importance.
  • Good Copy: It may sound cliche but original, easy-to-understand, compelling, and persuasive ad copy is the best way to gain the attention of your audience. Sure, you can top the chart. However, your copy still needs to be enticing enough to make the user click. The key to a good copy is to think something out of the box but should have high relevance to your keyword and landing page.
  • Call To Action: A good and creative Call To Action is a key to secure web visitor’s customs. A clear Call To Action helps improve the quality score and user experience. It directs the user to take on the next stop.

When improving the quality score, one needs to come up with a crisp copy, and highly relevant landing page, and good quality ads. Well, all of it at once may seem overwhelming. So try reaching out to The Marcom Avenue Agency who gives the best PPC services in Gurgaon.

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