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5 Tips To Follow While Creating A Bidding Strategy

Bidding on keywords is not much different than a real-time auction. The bidders have to face the same level of chaos, scramble and implementation of smart strategies. With hundreds and thousands of auctions happening every second, you need to up your game to get your money’s worth.

Many people believe that you can set a bid and leave it on auto mode but here is the truth. Staying active and constantly optimizing your bidding can help you save a ton of money.

That’s why, the leading PPC services company in Gurgaon endeavours to construct an effective bidding strategy in order to achieve great Return on Investment and drive more conversion or boost traffic. We have enlisted the top 5 tips which will help you create an effective and optimized strategy for your Google Adwords:

  1. Understand your Objective:

    Before you begin placing your bids, it is very important to declare the objective of these ads, which is net profit for most businesses, but you may be looking to improve brand awareness as well with these ads rather than earning immediate profits.

    Identifying the objective will help you further in the bidding process and also will assist you in tracking the success or failure of your adword campaign.

  2. Create a Keyword Targeting Strategy:

    The leading digital marketing company in Delhi NCR explains that keywords are the essence of a PPC campaign, so you need to choose them wisely. You need to analyse your customer’s search behaviour to pick the right keywords.

    Many make a common mistake of believing that the keywords with the lowest cost per click are the best, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way.

    Here is an example: Suppose you are a seller of PlayStation accessories, the keyword “PS4 accessories” provides you with 1000 visitors at $3/click, while another keyword “gaming accessories” sends 1300 visitors at $2/click.

    So, from outside it might look like the keyword gaming accessories is better, but you need to understand that the visitors from the keyword PS4 accessories are your potential buyers since you are looking for playstation players and gaming accessories will include every gamer.

  3. Improve your Ad Quality Score:

    In order to lower your bid automatically is by improving your Ad Quality Score.

    The best digital marketing company found that Google prefers to show the most relevant result on its SERP page, which is why the better and more relevant your ad is, the more google will love it.

    So, if you work on improving your ad quality, you can achieve a higher rank even after bidding for a lower amount.

    Note: Google will not give the first spot to the highest bidder, the process is a little complex one.

  4. Use the Negative Keywords like a pro:

    The best PPC services explain that negative keywords will not lower down your bidding price but will surely save you a lot of money by eliminating any irrelevant visitors.

    While placing an ad, you get an option to select a group of negative keywords which will help you apply some filters on the category of people watching your ads.

    Remember: Negative keywords are always an exact match for display and video campaigns.

  5. Analyse Reports:

    A bidding strategy you just created might not perform the same after a week, bidding is a constant effort.

    Everyday new competitors are joining the race and the number of searches keeps fluctuating which changes the bid’s performance.

    Fortunately, there are detailed reports provided to you by Google Adwords which keeps you up to date about key metrics such as Target CPA, Enhanced CPC, Max Clicks, ad performance, and more.

If you aim to drive maximum results through your Adwords campaign, we recommend you to reach out to the top PPC service providers.

The Marcom Avenue team will help you in creating a strategic bidding strategy which will ensure the growth of your business and maximize your ROI.

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