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5 Tips to Effectively Handle Your Leads via Digital Marketing

There is no doubt that digital marketing has helped create boundless growth opportunities for business by introducing an abundance of mediums to connect with the potential audience and showcase their work.

But, if you aim to actually grow your business, it is very crucial to convert these generated leads into customers. The best digital marketing company in Gurgaon found that despite generating numerous leads, many businesses fail to handle those leads effectively. Hence, we have curated the top 5 tips which will help you to nurture your leads through digital marketing:

  1. Offer a Personalized Experience:

    With the advancement of technology, the customer’s expectations have also evolved. Every user today looks forward to engaging in a personalized experience. In fact, according to a 2019 study by Instapage, 74% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized.

    The top website development company in Gurgaon found that creating a great customized experience for your users can help you to maximize your revenue, and here are some of the most functional tactics to do so:

    • a) Offer personalized content to the users based on their interests and behavior.
    • b) Enable Geolocation to provide a more effective experience.
    • c) Customize the recommendations based on relevancy.
    • d) Use the power of push notifications to positively boost user interaction.
    • e) Establish a connection with users through social media, email, etc.
  2. Utilize Remarketing Strategies:

    The truth is, most of the customers will not make a transaction with your business right on the first time. Thus, you need a tool to re-engage such customers with your products/services. This is where remarketing ads come into the picture.

    Using Remarketing Ads will allow you to convert your leads by showcasing just the products they seemed interested in.


    There are multiple forms of remarketing ads, including Display remarketing ads, Dynamic remarketing, Social media remarketing.

    #Tip: One of the best PPC services found that visitors who are retargeted with display ads are about 70% more likely to convert to the website.

  3. Create a Connection using Email:

    Email marketing is so far one of the most effective tools for creating a long-term connection with your potential customer. No surprise! Most of the market giants would go to any extent in order to collect the visitor’s email address.

    Once the users provide their email address, you already know that they are interested in your products/services. Now, if you successfully share some relevant information you have a great chance of converting this lead.

    Make sure to personalize the content for your email subscribers based on their age, gender, interests, shopping behavior to keep them interested in your content.

  4. Share information through Interactive Videos:

    The leading digital marketing company believes that video is a very effective mode of engaging your visitors with your website and its benefits go far beyond attraction. An interactive video can help you to improve your website’s bounce rate, create customer relations, and much more.

    Did you know?: Just by integrating Videos on landing pages increase conversions by up to 86%.

    Here are some of the best video ideas for your business:

    • a) Record Client Testimonial
    • b) Create how-to videos for your new products
    • c) Share major events and company moments
    • d) Share brand’s and employee stories
    • e) Give a tour of your office or workspace
  5. Start a Blog:

    Creating a blog will prove to be a very useful asset for your business since it will allow you to share the most valuable information about your business, product, and almost anything that your users are interested in. Also, a blog will help you gain customer loyalty as they will find more reason to reach out to your business instead of just shopping.

Are you still failing to convert the leads which you generated? Get in touch with the best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR, The Marcom Avenue.

With the most experienced industry professionals in action, we will create an expert strategy which will help you to nurture your leads effectively and hence generate more business.

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