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5 Tips To Create Blog Posts That Rank On Google

Studies prove that WordPress users alone produce more than 70 million new posts each month. With such an ever growing competition in the market, brands need to up their game to win at Content Marketing and successfully reach potential customers for their business.

If you play your cards right, Content is one of the most powerful tools for you to improve your brand awareness, growth and ROI. The best digital marketing agency in Gurgaon observed that just putting up content is not enough, there is a need to create some influential SEO Content which adds value to the readers. So, we have enlisted 5 effective tips which will help your brand in the process of content creation.

Before jumping onto the process, let us first understand the meaning of SEO Content:

What is SEO Content and Why is it Important?

SEO content is basically the content which is curated with the aim to reach on the top ranking pages of search engines, which means such content is developed with the perfect usage of elements to improvise your content and make it ‘ranking-ready’.

Writing SEO Content is very important for your business because your website might have 100 pages but not all pages will bring traffic to your website. This is where SEO based content comes in.

The leading marketing agency in Gurgaon utilizes SEO tips to curate content that will drive traffic to your product pages or what you can call ‘money-making pages’, because your potential customers might not directly search for your products or services.

Now, let us get into writing some great content which ranks on Google:

5 Tips to Create Content that Ranks:

  1. Search for what people are Searching:

    The first process of content creation begins with content research. If you want people to find your business, you need to find out what they are searching for.

    For this, start with thinking about some broad topics related to your brand niche which you think your customers might be looking for. For eg: If you sell fitness products, then your next blog topic might be workout guides or list of top fitness accessories.

    Once you have your topic, it is time for some keyword research. You will find numerous tools which will help you to find some relevant keywords for your blog, but you can also use Google Keyword Research tool to find the most accurate data.

    Finalize the keywords with least competition and maximum traffic and you are ready for your next tip.

  2. Analyse the Top Ranking Pages:

    Many writers are scared that Google will mark it plagiarism if they take ideas from other sites but the best digital marketing agencies in Delhi NCR understands that the most effective content is created with multiple references and studies of different websites.

    You must have noticed, Google search results are not always text results, they are a combination of different content formats as per the user’s search query.

    So, analysing the top pages will help you to find the content format which Google prefers to rank (this can be different for each blog).

    Focus on two major elements while doing this research:

    a) Type of Content: Spend some time understanding the top ranking posts, are they blogs or articles, category pages, or products pages? If they are blogs, a blog post has a better chance to rank for this keyword.

    b) Format of Content: If they are blogs, understand the format of this content, are they lists, how-to posts, or reviews? Now you know how to frame your blog.

  3. Utilize Keywords Smartly:

    Keywords majorly impact your blog ranking but this doesn’t imply that you have to stuff your blog with keywords. Google will understand your approach and might never rank your blog.

    The top digital agencies in Gurgaon always maintain a keyword density of 1-2% which helps to provide a better user experience as your content will include the keywords naturally.

    Also, it is significant to use these keywords in your Meta Tags like your Header, Description, permalink, Alt Tags and Title. This helps Google to understand your content and place it better.

  4. Embed Unique and Useful Data:

    If you insert some unique data based on your brand research or studies it will boost the value of the content and it will motivate other writers to mention your site as the source while using this data. This brings more credibility to your website and improves your Google Ranking

    People will also recognize your website as the go-to source while looking for related content which will ensure more promising and loyal visitors to your business.

  5. Create Visually Appealing Content:

    Your Google ranking is based on visitor’s behaviour towards your website and no one likes reading huge walls of text. Your audience might abandon your website and look for the content somewhere else.

    To attract your visitors and make them stay, you need to spice up your content with some appealing visual content like images, videos, infographics, screenshots, or testimonials.

    Visual helps to boost the Bounce Rate of your website, which means visitors spend more time on your website.The best SEO services company in Gurgaon claims that Bounce Rate is a major factor in the ranking of any website.

By applying all these tips on your content, you can successfully create some great content which can rank higher in Google Search Results.

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