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5 Public Relations Trends to Look for in 2021

Every element of the marketing mix, whether it is social media marketing or public relations, plays a critical and significant role in brand building. The advent of COVID-19 pandemic roughly stirred up the position of public relations services at large, but by the end of 2020 it will pick up its pace, and the forecasts suggest that Public Relations adoption will soon pick up and new trends will form the way media relations will be established and more digital ways will be opted to connect with the brand.

As one of the top digital PR agencies in Delhi NCR, we have observed that the changing times will bring new trends, and so, here are top public relations trends/observations to expect in 2021:

  1. Public Relations will transform digitally:

    The on-going pandemic left several offline businesses hanging dry, encouraging not just these businesses but everyone to undertake the way of digital transformation to emerge successfully from COVID-19 in 2021. Also, keeping in mind that many businesses have moved their operations from office to work from home, it will also move the focus of campaigns and its reach. Hence, public relations will also opt to transform its operations, strategies, processes, and client interactions with both public and media via digital platforms – be it online news portals, magazines, social media channels, or via online chat services.

  2. Live stream will go mainstream:

    2020 acquired advancement in communication tactics, particularly in the utilization of live/web-based video platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Instagram Live, etc. We will see loads of ground-breaking ideas and platforms for the client and representative interactions. The best PR agencies in India have observed that as few likely trends that will continue to the mainstream are podcasting, digital events, and real-time chat. The future of event marketing will be a crossover that will draw both physical and virtual members and participants.

  3. Corporate Communication will take an upturn:

    More than ever before, the need for stakeholder communications and engagement has increased. Whether it is the workforce or board members, equity holders or potential liaisons, with remote work and fully digital programming becoming common, companies will have to put more emphasis on corporate communication to involve and engage.

  4. Public Relations will communicate Values:

    Earlier, public relations was a marketing tool to disseminate relevant company information into the media and hence public. However, with the changes in consumer behaviour, work processes, and media consumption pattern, organizations will use public relations tactics and strategies to share values beyond diversity, equity, and inclusion to build brand loyalty and followership.

  5. Social Media Platforms will drive Influencer Marketing Culture in Public Relations:

    Digital transformation will be the focal point of public relations, and the most common tactic to drive media and public attention will be influencer marketing. Brands will adopt social influencer marketing to accelerate brand reach. One of the top PR agencies in Gurgaon have found that several social media content creators have been able to influence the customer behaviour towards select brands, and thus organizations will prefer influencer marketing as a PR tactic.

So, if you have not yet planned your next year’s public relation’s strategy, keep in mind the above-mentioned trends to get ahead in the game. Also, if you are looking to hire one of the best PR agencies, then connect with us by visiting –

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