5 Facts That Prove 2020 is the Year of eCommerce

According to Statista, over 4.57 billion people are actively connected to the internet, out of which almost 40% of the users have made an online purchase. This explains how big the market is for the E-Commerce businesses to sell their product and grow to an unpredictable extent.

The best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR understands that 2020 is the year of E-commerce keeping in mind the technological stage we have reached and other factors like the spread of COVID-19, convincing the audience to shift towards online shopping. This blog will introduce you to the 5 major factors that proves 2020 is the year of E-commerce:

  1. Coronavirus led digital transformation:

    COVID-19 has been the defining event of the year 2020 and in response to its effects and causes, the global audience has changed its shopping patterns and behaviour which means people are more comfortable in purchasing the products through online mode within the safety of their houses.

    Initially, the impact was witnessed on grocery shopping since people were trying to stock up essentials due to fear caused by lockdown, but with time non-essential products started witnessing the opportunity to taste the flavour of real growth once the safety and comfort provided by e-commerce/online shopping experience.

    “Amazon – one of the leading ecommerce players in the country announced on its site that the customers are relying on them like never before in their social distancing and self-quarantine efforts.”

  2. Artificial Intelligence enhances the shopper experience:

    The growth of AI and Machine Learning tech has provided the opportunity for the sellers to offer a more personalized experience to the shoppers. Further, the top website development company in Gurgaon explains that AI serves the E-commerce market in certain ways:

    • a) Studying the customer behaviour and preferences.
    • b) Analyzing and utilizing the collected data in order to deliver impeccable experience to the audience.
    • c) Offering customized pricing and discounting processes.
  3. E-Commerce has shown immense growth with application of Influencer Marketing:

    The top influencer marketing agency states that with over 3.96 billion active social media users, influencer marketing is one of the most reliable strategies for the growth of E-commerce. Also, studies found that 49% of the customers look to influencers while making a purchase decision.

    Here is a perfect example of Influencer marketing:

    influencer marketing services

  4. Voice Search is Growing Constantly:

    With tech giants like Google and Amazon working towards the growth of home assistant devices, shopping online through voice search has also become a booming trend and people are becoming more inclined towards shopping convenience.

    Hence, integrating voice search into your E-commerce store can help you to create a long-term strategy for your business keeping in mind the growing graph of the market.

  5. Subscriptions keep customers returning:

    The leading E-commerce website design services found that subscriptions have delivered a great number of advantages for the sellers since it helps to create a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

    Such subscriptions plans create a win-win situation for both the customers as well as sellers as it offers additional benefits to regular shoppers and the sellers get the opportunity to increase sales and revenue.

Whether you are looking to grow your Ecommerce business or want to set up a brand new store online, the best E-commerce website design company, The Marcom Avenue can help you achieve your goal efficiently, and also set you up with a full-fledged marketing plan to promote your brand amidst these testing times.

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