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5 Best Website Design Practices We Follow At The Marcom Avenue

Almost anyone can build a website and get it live within a few days. It is just amazing how easy it has become, but does it mean that you have a custom web design? No, not at all. Nowadays, a website is the first place where people come to learn about your brand.

So, why is your Website Design Significant?

You need to understand that your website is the heart of your online marketing strategy, all your platforms are focused on redirecting your clients to your website.

But, once a customer reaches your website, it would take just a few seconds for them to create their judgment for your business.

These few seconds are crucial to make or break the success of your website. Your web design has the power to impact your credibility and trust of your audience, ultimately impacting the growth of your business.

So, here are the top practices which we follow at The Marcom Avenue that makes us the best website design and development company to help you boost your business’ online performance:

  1. Customizing your Website Design: We focus on designing a website that is customized for your kind of audience, keeping your offering in mind. This design will help you to earn your customers’ trust in your business, and motivate them to connect with your product and opt it without any hesitance.

    It is great to have a simple and modern web design for your brand, but placing attractive images/videos and using the relevant Click-to-Action buttons is a must to guide your audience about their actions and increasing customer engagement on your website.

  2. Simplifying your Navigation: As a web designing agency, we understand that the navigation through your website should be an easy and convenient experience for the users, we do not want your users to get into complicated navigation and end up abandoning your website without engaging with your business.

    As per a study, about 88% of websites have the navigation bar placed horizontally on the top of every page, so if we try to play with it, we can end up confusing the visitors. So, we need to make sure that whatever your users are looking for, they find it instantly. This will boost your chances of getting more and more conversions from your website.

  3. Opt for a Mobile-Friendly Design: Here is a simple fact: 87% of smartphone users utilize their phones to make Internet Searches at least once per day. So, we understand that whatever industry you are in, most of your users are looking for you using their phones. Hence, we design your website that is not just website friendly but works equally well on a mobile, tablet or more.

    To top that, here is an added advantage of being mobile-friendly: Google also gives preferences to the websites with a responsive web design in its Search Engine Result Page. So, we provide responsive website development services to our clients, to help you beat the competition in your industry.

  4. Check the Readability of your Website: Your website readability is one of the major factors leading to excellent web design because if the readability of your website is not good, it doesn’t matter how great the content on your website is.

    There are certain factors we keep in mind to ensure the readability on your website:

    a) Font Selection: Your font plays a major role in deciding how easy or difficult it would be to read the content of your webpage.

    b) Use Short Sentences: Most of the visitors prefer to read short sentences instead of long ones, so it helps to keep the visitors on your site for a longer time.

  5. Using Visual Content: As per studies, websites with creative visual content like pictures, videos, graphs or infographics tend to perform better than the websites which are based on just text.

    While providing you with custom web design services, we ensure that we incorporate your site with attractive and relevant pictures and graphic content, and also maintain a balance between the text content and the graphical content to enhance the visual appeal.

    In fact, some studies suggest that adding one image to a page can uplift the conversation rate upto 86% which is great to improve your business growth.

Contact Us today and get an engaging Web Design for your business, because we target to customize and develop a web design for you to ensure the growth of your business.

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