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5 Alternate Digital Marketing Tactics To Tap Your Audience

Growing a business with a tight competition is a tough challenge that every entrepreneur faces. Different marketing strategies have been developed so that each industry or business can stand out the competition. As businesses are constantly leveraging the same marketing strategies, it is becoming difficult to compete with the other businesses.

Almost all organisations are using digital marketing techniques, such as Search Engine Optimisation, Content Optimisation, Email Marketing, Website Development and adopting various other strategies for mobile marketing have proven to be a success in brand building and recognition.

As the best performance marketing agency in Gurgaon, we have researched that businesses generally overlook some of the strategies which can help you dominate the market and elevate your digital marketing game. Today, we will discuss some of the alternative marketing tactics that will help you in reaching your target audience:

  1. Focus on Buyer Persona: Buyer Persona is a research-based profile of your target customers or audience. It describes their demographics, preferences, pain points, problems and buying behaviour. Understanding the buyer persona will help you understand the mindset of the consumer and allows you to determine their needs and demands and how your brand can solve their problem.

    Let’s take an example to help you understand the concept! Imagine you own a gaming store which specializes in the games that run on a PlayStation. How will you start promoting your products? On which platform will you advertise them? What message and imagery will you use? Whom will you target? You will be able to understand these questions if you know your brand’s personality.

    With the buyer persona’s data, you can create a tailored-marketing campaign that helps you make well-informed decisions while targeting your customers. At The Marcom Avenue, our digital professionals will help you to understand your brand and your buyer’s persona, and devise the best customized marketing strategies to meet your brands’ marketing needs.

  2. Optimising the Content Regularly: When it comes to content optimization, you should regularly update the content as Google’s crawler reads the websites regularly and ranks its search result pages on the basis of freshness of the content.

    Let’s take the above of gaming stores, you may run a survey on people’s preference for organic vs. non-organic cosmetics. Once you publish the results, you may generate links and collaborate with reputable websites and other blogs that are updating their content for link building initiatives. This will lead to more traffic to your page while making your website more authoritative, authentic and credible. Hire the best SEO agency in Gurgaon for best content optimisation services.

  3. Optimising your Website for Voice Search Engine Technology: According to the Gartner Digital Marketing Conference in 2017, research shows that voice search is seeing an ever-increasing share of search volume. The research showed that by 2020, 30% web browsing sessions will be done without a screen,” thanks to voice search technology. Typing and tapping on keyboards and screens might soon be a thing of the past.Therefore, as a brand manager, you should optimise your website content for voice search. The best practices for doing so include focusing on long-tail keywords and using natural voice instead of intellectual speak. You can also set up an FAQ page as a part of effective voice marketing strategy.
  4. Touching the Professional Platform-LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a platform for professionals from different fields where you develop meaningful professional connections. Through your LinkedIn profile, you can follow people who are relevant in your industry and publish posts on your expertise and industry insights. Other LinkedIn users can also follow you, read your fresh and unique insights, and can reach you via the message feature. You can promote your brand and products, generate leads, and gain visibility among people looking for what you offer through the content you post on LinkedIn.

    There are also other similar communities like GrowthHackers and Medium that allow you to put your content in front of a broader audience, particularly those who are interested in reading your content. For generating a wide recognition on professional social media platforms, you can reach out to the best social media marketing services in Gurgaon.

  5. Generating Traffic from Quora: Quora is an online platform where people come together to share knowledge and connect with other people and contribute unique insights and quality answers. Quora is a straightforward question-and-answer website and a popular marketing platform for many companies, that offers a customer base of over 300 million monthly active users. Therefore, it presents a huge marketing potential, particularly if you write engaging content that answers users’ questions concisely and also by inserting relevant keywords that link to your site.

For devising strategies to marketing your brand on Quora, you can hire the top social media agencies in India.

Remember that innovation is essential to the success of a business. Although you can stick to traditional digital marketing strategies to get the results you want, you’ll find these innovative methods worth your while to try.

Reach out to some of the top 10 digital agencies in Gurgaon for devising an action plan to how to promote your brand.

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