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4 Ways Influencers Can Build Brand Awareness – And Why They Work

If you ever search for a blog about marketing on the internet today, you will definitely find a mention of influencers in it. Influencer marketing is the latest technique adopted in the field of marketing as people started focusing on new and innovative ways in which they can promote their products. Social media is a unique platform to influence the target audience through influencer marketing.

An influencer is an individual whose association with a product can affect the mentality of the masses towards a particular product. An influencer has a great reputation on multi-social media networking sites because of the content it publishes, its ideas and knowledge about a particular segment or category. Brands these days have started working with influencers to achieve the marketing goals set for their products- Influencers have the ability to encourage their followers and urge them to buy the product.

There are four types of influencers-

● Celebrities
● Industry Experts and Thought Leaders
● Bloggers and Content Creators
● Micro-Influencers

Today, Brands & Industries drive brand awareness through Celebrity influencing. Celebrities have an unmatched reach, and they using the product on camera give the brand & product a mass reach. Celebrities have an idealistic image in the masses and the mass copy the brand styles. Sportswear brand such as Nike and Adidas keep a clear approach of targeting celebrities like movie stars and spots megastars for selling their products. Many companies invite celebrity influencers for contributing to guest posts and promote the branded content.

Running referral programs for influencers is always a good idea for your campaigns. Easiest and the most effective way of running a referral program is by sharing a promo code that is specific for each influencer. Then these referral codes can be re-shared by the influencers on their respective pages for their followers to avail it. People are likely to open up these promo codes shared by the influencers because of the trust factor and that the product recommended by the influencers will be genuine.

An influencer can help you boost your product selling proposition by creating a suitable and progressive environment for your brand. You can run a contest to create curiosity amongst the followers and create buzz to promote the contest and brand.

Myntra and other fashion brands use contests as a mode of influencer marketing and create engagement- user-generated content. People who are influenced keep on promoting the brand in terms of reposting, resharing, commenting, tagging their friends and more.

The idea behind using influencers is that a brand might know the product or services but an influencer knows their followers. Influencers are smart, they know how to put things to their followers in a way that produces value and drives the best results. An influencer has a huge fan following because of the content they create and curate that is liked by the masses.

Upon the use of above-mentioned steps, a company can build awareness of the brand with the help of influencers and can establish a positive image among its buyers. There should be a perfect use of the three components which are the choice of right platform, right influencer and the right strategy.

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