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4 Unheard Trends In Digital Marketing

With Digital Marketing, a plethora of strategies surface in mind related to business growth. In today’s era, these digital marketing services are extensively used to promote products or services. However, not everyone knows all of them. Now the question is, what are not so common services, occasionally used by digital marketers? To boost your knowledge and experience, we have curated a list of unheard top Digital marketing practices that the best digital marketing companies in Delhi NCR use. Without wasting much time, let’s talk about the unique terminology used to build an audience for a brand.

  • Inbound and Outbound Marketing: Digital Marketing is traditionally divided into two segments. One is Outbound Marketing and the other is Inbound Marketing. In general, Inbound Marketing is a marketing technique that attracts the audience to your website based upon the content placed on the website. For example blogs, articles, press releases, google research, search engine optimization and emails, etc. In this kind of marketing, brands know the target audience and create various forms of content for them. On the other hand, Outbound Marketing is not initiated with customer’s interests and plans. It is the broadband network advertising i.e. advertisement strategy is done with the product in-center and not customer’s requirements. Outbound marketing is display ads, newspaper ads, TVCS, Radio ads, etc.
  • Third-Party Marketing: While exploring a website we often get many ads other than google ads. Displaying those products advertisements and promoting the brands on distinct websites comes under Third Party Marketing tactics. It creates awareness for your brand by promoting it on various websites.
  • Enterprise Marketing: It is also known as Cross-Channel Marketing, is a mix-up of multi-channel marketing and brand awareness altogether. The ultimate goal is to improve the exponential growth and establish a solid consumer base by altering the sales strategy. In this unparalleled set of marketing, influencers focus on aiming for clients through social media channels and other online platforms.
  • Influencer Marketing: The most productive and engaging market approach that aims at improving user interaction, online business, lead conversations, and profitable sales is Influencer Marketing. Social Media Influencers are trained to build one on one connections with users and increase the brand’s credibility. In recent years, influencer marketing has redefined the dynamics of advertising. It has taken over the traditional forms of advertising and marketing. This advertising focuses on the consumers and the message that the brand gives through influencers.

Apart from these marketing tactics, many brands go for Social Media Marketing, App Marketing, and Email Marketing to build an online presence for their brands.

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