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4 Tricks to Create and Encourage User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) makes your brand more appealing and your marketing more genuine to the audiences discovering you. It also helps to maintain good relationships with existing customers. Statistics show that 84% of customers trust peer recommendations more than any other source of advertising, 93% of consumers find user-generated content helpful when making a purchasing decision and, businesses generate twice the number of sales with word-of-mouth marketing than they do with paid advertising. These numbers reflect the importance of UGC in a brand communication strategy.

“Can you please talk about our brand?” is of course not the way to encourage user-generated content. However, by doing some smart work and using some tricks one can surely avail all the benefits of UGC.

Here are the 4 tricks to create and encourage User-generated content:

1. Host contests:- Social media contests are one of the best ways to encourage user-generated content. Contests always work well and are never out of fashion. It is because everyone loves the chance to get something and that too for free. You can encourage customers to share a story or a photo or a video about your brand in exchange for a chance to win exciting prizes. Thus, it becomes easy to promote contests and customers are encouraged to talk about your brand.

2. Showcase the UGC of your brand:- Sometimes customers are creating a UGC about your brand and you are not even aware of it. But make sure that you keep looking for any UGC and showcase it. For example, if you are running a hashtag campaign then pay attention to all tagged notification and respond to each one of them. Check if customers are tweeting about you and if so, you can take those tweets and share them on your website. This will show your potential customers how much your current customers love you. Search for your brand name and your branded hashtag on Instagram and Twitter, or any platform that you think your target audience may be present on, to see what people may be posting.

3. Create content featuring your customers:- It must be noted that UGC can only be created by the users themselves and not by the brand. But if you think your customers need inertia to start creating and sharing User-Generated Content then a good way to do that is to get things moving by a kind of creating it yourself. This trick will surely motivate your customers to create UGC for your brand. Thus, you can create content featuring your customers, centred on their experiences and stories. The customers will share this content themselves and it will also inspire them to create similar content to get featured in the future again. If you are confused about what type of content can inspire your customers to create UGC, you can take help from some integrated marketing communication agency.

4. Enterprise Level User-Generated Content Tools:- For gathering and publishing user-generated content you can also choose a more enterprise-level solution that includes the use of enterprise-level user-generated content tools, such as, RebelMouse which offers embeddable modules, sections, sidebars and pages for content from specific users, hashtags, and searches; EngageSciences is another platform that offers an Advocacy Module solution to aggregate, curate, and publish user-generated content; ReadyPulse gives you the power to acquire the rights to user-generated content to curate and publish it with full disclosure.


The power of user-generated content in marketing is already evident from statistics. In today’s time, every brand must encourage its existing customers to create user-generated content to gain more potential customers and develop authenticity. The tricks above will surely help brands to achieve this goal.

Also, if you have any other suggestions, do let us know in the comments below!

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