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4 Best PR Tips for a New Brand/ Start-up

Public Relation is an integral part of the marketing mix in today’s world, especially for new brands that are serious about getting the attention of their potential audiences and industry professionals. Why?

In a digitally saturated market, every brand is striving to cause a ripple and be part of the conversation by designing and curating digital marketing strategies such as effective search engine optimization or social media management, or paid ad campaigns, among other tactics. Still, it is unable to, because of the continuous flood of content from competitive brands.

Whereas, public relations campaigns break through the clutter, and help create credible and more authentic impressions amongst the audience.

So, instead of cutting cost on PR, new brands and start-ups must dive right into it and practice it as it is essential. Here are a few PR tips for new brands from one of the best PR agencies in Gurgaon:

  1. Create Customer-centric Stories:

    PR is not all about the press releases, PR is about being out there connecting, curating and sharing relevant content about the brand and how it can help the customer. Thus, instead of running behind newsworthy content, brands must focus on PR that is customer-centric and offers what customers want to read.

    After all, who doesn’t love a great story?

    Notice that your story’s focal point isn’t all about your accomplishments, but what you added to the lives of your customers. Highlight – how you solved a problem or became of the hero in someone’s story.

  2. Never Stop Building Relationships:

    Public Relations is all about knowing and cultivating the right media relationships. You are nowhere close to achieving your PR plan if you haven’t built media relationships with industry professionals of your brand’s domain.

    And, most importantly, it is not about building new relationships, but also putting time and effort in maintaining older media relations which you can turn to for credible, timely story and relevant comments.

    #Quick-tip: Let one of the best PR agencies in Delhi NCR take charge of your PR strategy and help you achieve your brand goals.

  3. Create a Press Page for Your Website:

    Having a media/press page on your website is a key asset – for you to establish your brand authority and credibility. Your PR media page is home to information about your company history, bio, relevant facts and stats, press releases, feature articles and author articles, among other PR collaterals.

    As the top PR agency in Gurgaon, we suggest you to remember to include everything newsworthy on this page to entice and convert potential customers into sales, and also, cultivate a professional brand image.

  4. Work your way around Influencers:

    In the changing PR scenario, connecting with the right audience is a must, and what better way to put your product/service and brand out there than with influencers. It is not necessary to start working with big-name influencers; you can also begin with micro-influencers, respected personalities who put their content amongst their audience for the sole purpose to engage.

If you are looking for the best PR agency to help you start with practical, effective and strategic PR practices, then you can get in touch with The Marcom Avenue. We are currently handling over 15 PR clients from various domains, and we’re helping them establish their brand in the market with every story, press release and influencer activity.

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