3 Tips to Highlight Product Features on Your Website

In today’s time, consumers are enticed by the features a product has. The combination of features with design and price are the main reasons behind deciding on a product to buy.
Put yourself in their shoes. Will you be able to buy a pair of shoes or a laptop without knowing its price, features and design? We guarantee, you won’t. The same is the situation with your consumers. Brands fail to provide all of it that is the reason they lose their potential consumers. The product’s features are the main reason behind selling a product. Therefore, the features have to be clear and compelling enough to persuade people to buy them.

Read this blog to know how to get your product features right.

What is a product feature?

The product feature is the USP of a product that differentiates it from the rest of the similar products in the market. It can be, how it is designed, what are its functional features, how one can use it, or what is the additional feature of your product?

3 Strategies for Highlighting Product Feature

You are well aware of your product. The features of your products and you know what value they can add to a person’s life. Now let us look at the ways e-commerce stores can grasp the purchase of it.


Talking about how nice features are great, however, every other company is doing the same. Even if you have an amazing product with superior qualities, it will still be difficult to persuade people to buy your product. After all, 70 percent of people buy a product from a place where they have already purchased it.

People can persuade other people to buy a product. Social proof is crucial to convince people to buy the product. Add quotes and testimonials from your consumers or third parties and mention them on the relevant pages. It will be good if you can include images and videos of your consumers using your product.
Featuring real people will enhance the image and trust of your brand. It gives more credibility to your brand and will make it more popular.

Speak To Your Target Audience

You need to have a good understanding of your target audience. You must know in which language they speak and what their style of thinking is. Make sure you add your buyer persona while writing the product features. To have a better understanding you can have a look at your competitors;’ testimonials. Categories what people mostly talk about and priorities them while posting testimonials.

Focus on the benefits

Consumers are only interested in what makes your product so special. What are the benefits the product has to offer? Talk about a benefit, whenever you mention a feature. This will give you an edge over your competitor. Writing benefits requisite creative effort and good writing skills.

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