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3 Best Ways To Have High – Conversion Rates On Landing Page

Every brand is thriving to make the first impression on its customers. Just as the saying goes, First impression is the last impression; it is the same with every product or service that is being offered on the internet. So, how to have the highest conversion rate on a brand’s landing page.

Best ways to build landing page-

1. High conversion landing pages have directness and clarity.
There two things a brand defines in itself- The value brand’s product or service delivers to its clientele base, the difference brand’s product/service demarcates against competition.

That’s what your words also need to convey on the site’s landing page. Your unique value preposition needs to direct clear and simple to read. Deliver qualitative knowledge of the product in details. Don’t miss out because of language barriers between the brand content and the target audience. Use the vernacular of the target audience.

The landing page content needs to always be tailored to the first time readers to have high converting landing page. The landing page needs to be in desktop and mobile friendly formats.

2. High conversion landing pages have clear Call To Action.

High Converting pages have singular Call- To- Action directly after their message. Too many choices in Call- To- Action is overwhelming for the consumer. The brand need to direct the customer visiting the landing page to the most logical Call- To- Action which will be in the potential customer’s best interest.

The most logical Call- To- Action depends on the type of customers a brand caters to. B2B digital marketing would require a different call to action than a B2C business would require.

3. High conversion landing pages have multimedia with purpose.

Avid readers are the only people keen on reading. And probably not the general target audience. The general public loves to watch. What the target audience can’t see, they can’t believe. So, show them the product/service.

Use of multimedia is how a brand can display the importance of the product/service they are selling to their target audience. Multimedia with purpose specific to product/service. It makes the product/service simple to understand, acknowledge it’s uses and benefits from a customer’s stand point.

High quality original Video demonstration, imagery, interesting product specific GIFs add value to landing pages. It gives a brand higher chances of conversion.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line to high- conversion landing pages is all about making educated guesses about sites. Some studies site one thing about landing page, while another might contradict it. What works the best it all in the uniqueness of the product, branding and the delivery formats. brand needs to work in the best way to excite any potential customer enough to get them to the landing page and then deliver the most effective form of information it can.

Effectiveness can be calculated in multiple ways. Google Analytics, Optimizely, Google Optimize and others can help any digital branding efforts. Comparative testing can be done against different additions to the landing page.

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