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12 ways Indian retail stores can make an impact in 2020

When a customer enters any showroom or market, he or she searches for cheaper options from competition more often than not. Any retail business can use this to his/ her own advantage rather than getting spooked as it opens doors for integrated marketing solutions.

Consumer behavior from Google for retail marketers-

1. 2019 sees a 15% growth of mobile searches done in- store than previous year.
2. 50% of shoppers use online video to brush up on the features of any product they are buying before talking to the sales representative about it.
3. 41% of shoppers would like more in- store inventory information available online.
4. There is an increment in in- store use of Google translator each year.
5. Top 20 in- store searches consist the following keywords “restaurants”, “restaurants near me”, and “food near me”.
6. Shoppers search online for even better offline in-store deals.
7. Shoppers are 4x more likely to search about the retail brand they are in.
8. There are 6x more searches for the “stores name” near shoppers than there is for “amazon”.

Consumer Behavior in 2019-

• A consumer plans his/ her entire trip to the store in advance. Considering factors shopper focus on are retail store brand recommendations, purchase list devised, product availability, discount offers on all products, store timings, travel distance to the store,

• Along with comparison shopping, shoppers while in- store actively are looking for information about the retail brand they are in; the USPs, the offers, loyalty cards, additional discounts, retail brand products and their benefits, and more.

• The customer doesn’t always want home delivery.

• The gentry of each retail store may be varied in vernacular and their might be communication barriers due to language barriers.

• The consumer requires direct flow of information and not just brand pushing while shopping in store.

• The consumer trusts online information and holds value to the written word.

• While shopping, people are also planning their entire day. People need to know about the weather, news, and need food.

Opportunities for Indian retail stores to power bam in 2020-

1. Rank well in recommendations with online reputation management company.
2. Use PPC marketing to rank high in Google searches.
3. Update website with website management services to showcase inventory availability and nearest stores.
4. Don’t just offer online deals but also offer offline deals online.
5. Allow customers to book their requirements online via website; and allow them to come, pay and collect the items so that they maximize on brand experience.
6. Have interactive mediums to deliver news, directions and weather to the in-store customers.
7. Have correct information displayed online through updated content about the brand and product descriptions. Content marketing agencies in Gurgaon are good for assistance.
8. Have customer loyalty programs
9. Start in- store interactive integrated events for customers to know about the brand.
10. Focus on your own marketing strategy.
11. Empower the in-store shopper by connecting online and store experience. Any retail brand can have online educational videos like- “how to buy the right lens for your DSLR camera.” Video production companies can assist.
12. Upgrade to experiential retail by adding segments like food court and relaxation areas.

This habit can further benefit to strengthen brand impression in the consumers mind. Understand for your own benefit.

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