11 Email Marketing KPIs to Swear by

How often do you update your introduction on online dating apps? Isn’t it very similar while you draft your perfect email to deliver your perfect message at a click? Every emailer always awaits eagerly to win the rat race of being read amongst all other hundred emails embarking a user’s email address.

Here are the best of best KPIs of email marketing that you must adhere to excel email marketing, to churn the revenue simply by putting the best email:

  1. Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate defines how many times haven’t gotten through the receiver and it is healthier to keep a check on the same. Lower the bounce rate, better the brand.

  1. Open Rate:

Open rate is the primary level of quality check that describes the first level of engagement of email marketing. One should keep an eye to achieve an average rate of 22.8%.

  1. Click-Through Rate:

Higher the CTR, better engagement. Click-through rate is an absolute parameter that a brand shall focus on, to increase engagement. However, a healthy average CTR is 3.5%.

  1. Unsubscribe Rate:

If you are seeing a repetitive pattern of subscription, it is high time to refurbish and recreate your content or relook at the list to whom the emails are targeted.

  1. Spam Check:

If you are finding higher spam alerts, it is an indication that you need to remove these users from the list of receivers to increase and maintain the engagement of marketing strategies.

  1. Recognizing Consumer Trends:

In the fast-paced world of the internet where a new trend emerges every hour, it is important to record the consumer trends of the business you are in.

  1. The Stellar Segmentation :

If you are writing a million-dollar email but clueless about the receiver then here you need to know the consumers and the audience who are going to go through the same so that click-through rate and open to rate can be accelerated.

  1. Open To Feedbacks:

Feedbacks can get you brownie points that none of the paid services can provide as these feedbacks are real-time with authentic data. Having a section of “Open To Feedbacks” is equivalent to any subscribe or like.

  1. Tracking Consumer Feedback:

Marketing can not exist without the voice of consumers, hence if you are trying to achieve the best of email marketing then implementing a consumer feedback forum under your email marketing strategy is the next step you need to take.

  1. Overall ROI:

Having a record on ROI generated by email marketing can help you in monitoring the engagement and conversion which indicates that you don’t need to spend on email marketing as much you end up spending on social media or paid ads.

  1. Healthy Word of Mouth:

You need to remember that good content with a blend of marketing can get you a free word of mouth which has a higher rate of conversion and subscription than any other paid service.

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