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10 Powerful Marketing Tips For Organising Successful Online Events

Many event organising companies are wondering how they should develop their marketing and communication strategies as COVID-19 has made a significant negative impact in the world. Due to the countrywide ban on social gatherings and travelling from one place to another, many industries are facing a total downfall, the event industry is facing the repercussions likewise.

Due to cancellation or postponements of thousands of events, many event companies have announced they’ll be going virtual during the COVID-19 outbreak. Virtual events take a little bit more time and energy than organizing a standard video conference or webinar via software you might use every day in your organization.

As a top online advertising agency in Delhi, we decided to share some insights on the marketing strategies which will help in marketing an online event during the crisis and drive engagement:

  1. Align your Event Marketing Objectives
    Ensure your organisation has aligned objectives of the virtual event as there are many objectives that an organisation wants to accomplish, such as audience engagement, revenue generation, lead generation, brand awareness, exposure for industry suppliers, establishment of thought-leaders or others. You need to decide other major factors, such as budget, content creation, delivery, technology. Consult some of the best marketing agencies in Gurgaon for the best marketing plan of action.
  2. Get to Know Your Audience
    Before sending out the invites to the people, decide who will most likely be interested in participating in the virtual event. Look within and outside of your database to identify engaged and/or intellectually curious segments of your prospective audience. Consider audiences from different parts of the world where you may have not marketed before, industries or professions that have seen the cancellation of live events that serve them, or any other audiences who may be hungry for community and knowledge sharing in today’s new reality.
  3. Develop an Event Marketing Tool Kit
    There are five essential tools that can be used to build an integrated marketing campaign for a virtual event:

    • a) A Brief about the Strategy: It will outline the game plan, goals for your strategists, and will tell how you can accomplish goals.
    • b) A Creative Concept: It is the “Big Idea” that will capture audiences’ interest, influence their emotional response and inspire them to take action.
    • c) A Direct Messaging Platform: It can be any platform where the customers can reach you. Eg; Facebook Messenger.
    • d) A Calculated External Plan: Businesses need to consider their future needs and those of their competitors in order to make sure they attract the right people. Thus it will require them to develop a calculated external action plan which may come handy.
    • e) A Resource Allocation Plan: A resource allocation is a plan for using available resources, for example human resources, especially in the near term, to achieve goals for the future.

    Design your event marketing strategy by developing creative content, messaging and tactical plans from the start. Remember to make the customers’ journey memorable so that they can contact you later after the event.

  4. Create a Killer Event Website and Responsive Landing Page
    Website is an online identity for any organisation. After you’ve identified your goals, defined your audience and built your event marketing tool kit, it’s time to work on the focal point of your campaign- your website. Website will serve each key segment within your audience, making it flexible and comprehensive. Use website tools to attract an audience and stay informed, set cookies to save preferences of the consumers. Hire the top 10 performance marketing agencies in Gurgaon for top quality digital marketing services.
  5. Communicate Honestly with your Attendees
    The most important step in taking your event digital is communication with a smart marketing message. Create powerful and creative content to attract audiences. Explain to the users through powerful messaging why the large in-person international event is being switched to a mixed event (one with smaller local events, video and live streamed content)- while putting health and safety at the forefront of their decision.
  6. Include a Mix of Live Streamed and Pre-Recorded Content
    As people are confined to four walls of their home due to country-wide lockdown, people may not like to sit through conferences for an entire day. To give people options, include a mix of live streamed and pre-recorded content, all of which should be available on-demand afterward so attendees can access your sessions on their time.
  7. Think Outside the Webcam Setup
    Ditch your same routine for all your sessions by going live and giving a lecture. If you can, encourage your speakers to create a more engaging setting- them being filmed sitting on a couch/chair or standing in front of a podium in a non-distracting area. Any difference than a standard laptop webcam set up will create a more professional and engaging experience.
  8. Leverage Mobile Event App
    By developing a mobile app for your event, you can have remote attendees participate in real time using a mobile event app that allows them to engage via polling and attendee messaging, which enables them to have the same interactive experience as those attending the event live. You can also use invites through email marketing through which even organisers can regularly send push notifications via app. Hire the best email marketing service provider in India.
  9. Shower some Love to Your VIPs
    Making the change to the virtual is easier said than done, and showing appreciation for the speakers, VIPs or even all of your attendees for sticking with you during such a dramatic format change can have a lasting effect. By taking the time or making the investment to say thank you can brighten someone’s day during this difficult time while making a lasting impression.
  10. Leverage Social Media Platforms to Promote your Event
    You can gather a great amount of audiences by promoting your event on social media channels. By using various advertising strategies, you can garner a great amount of engagement and audience for your event. Consult some of the best social media marketing agencies in Gurgaon for devising the best plan of action for social media for your event.

Virtual events can be a powerful tool, whether they are used during a health crisis or not. These are some of the most powerful marketing tips that can help the event industry during the pandemic.
At The Marcom Avenue, which is one of the best digital agencies in Delhi NCR, will provide you with the best marketing plans for your event company.

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