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10 Effective Strategies to earn Public Relations from the Media Industry

“Publicity is a great purifier because it sets in action the forces of public opinion, and in this country public opinion controls the courses of the nation.” – Charles Evans Hughes

Public Relations when used properly is a kingmaker for an organization. An effective Public Relation strategy will give you an opportunity to portray a positive image of your business to the public. The best PR strategies may include press mentions or talking about topics of public interest with the aim to boost the visibility of your brand.

But how do you gain attention from the media industry which will take your public awareness to new heights? To answer that for you, one of the top PR agencies in Gurgaon have curated a list of the top effective PR strategies which can change the fate and face of your business:

  1. Come Up with your Research:

    Media Industry being the vendors of truth, always crave to have a story which is backed by facts and data. So, you need to feed the media with your own research and give them proof of it (use your customer data and fill it up with highlights, graphs, and infographics.)

    Doing this will motivate the media industry to publish your story with your data, and will be happy to provide you with free PR coverage.

  2. Shift from Ad-Creation to Content Creation:

    Those days are gone, when viewers loved catchy slogans, your audience is now smarter and has command over the kind of content they want to engage with. So, the PR companies in India, suggest that as a brand you need to understand your audience’s behaviour and create content which drives them towards you.

    It is time that you customize your PR strategy as per your targeted customers and focus on your media presence through tactics like video series or launching an interactive social media campaign.

  3. Build Media Relations:

    This is a long-term strategy and can become a strong tool in getting free PR for your organization. But you need to assure that you have valuable content to offer which contributes to your industry.

  4. Donate:

    Some of the best PR agencies have confirmed that donating services, time or products have always proven to be an effective strategy and has brought free publicity for brands.

    While following this technique, you may need to spend some money, but since everything is meant for the welfare of the society, it will be win-win for both you and the public.

  5. Send a Captivating Pitch:

    While pitching a story to the media, your first task is to earn the interest of the journalist. You do not have to just toss the story into his face, news channels will only publish your story if it is pitched right.

    Your pitch should specify the “Why” aspect of your story, explain why your story has any significance and do not forget to target the right journalist, this will higher your story of being featured.

  6. Create a Crisis Management Strategy:

    Crisis management’s primary goal is to predict and acknowledge any negative communication in the future or handle one in present and focus on reversing its effects. Anything which may affect your brand’s reputation negatively needs to be taken care of through the right crisis management strategy.

    An effective crisis management plan includes three steps:

    a) Pre-Crisis
    b) Crisis Management and Response
    c) Post Crisis

    I would suggest you to connect with the best PR agencies in India to make a positive impact on a negative situation for your business.

  7. Predict the Future:

    The media industry has always been a fan of industry experts who are capable of predicting the upcoming future of the respective industry. So you need to make sure that you do not lose on the crystal ball effect of your industry.

    With this, the media get an interesting story and the brand achieves visibility, servicing the purpose for the sectors.

  8. Stay Newsworthy:

    In this ever growing competitive world, the media is always in the search of a story which is newsworthy, which the public would be interested in. You need to reflect your organization’s worth, by coming up with a solution or something new, which adds value to society in some way or the other.

  9. Engage with the Members of the Press:

    Building connections is the base of the PR industry. Every time you have something relevant, which you know they will be interested in, you need to reach out to them and convey them an interesting story.

    These connections will convince them to reach out to you in the future. The best PR agencies in Delhi NCR focus on creating a connection with the media industry to help their clients gain public’s attention.

  10. Add Value to the Publication:

    Free PR is great for your organization but it is necessary to deliver something valuable to the audience, which eventually helps the publication to grow simultaneously.

    So, before you focus on achieving your goal, understand the needs of the publication’s audience as well.

At The Marcom Avenue, we understand that cracking the right PR strategy could become a challenge which is why our expert team is dedicated to help our clients in achieving their PR goals.

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